DFSORT/ICETOOL: Hi All, I have two VSAM Files as Input, When I am trying to SORT with ‘PGM=SORT’ & ‘PGM=ICETOOL’, I am getting a. But i see the LOG and i Note that ICETOOL, use however the input file two times. i beleived that ICETOOL use the input-file one time to write two. Hi,I got a scenario to write a jcl to sort the two files and write the matched and unmatched records into 2 different files using ICETOOL utility.

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This displays the count of records having field 36,2,ZD greater than ON indicates the column for which unique must be found. Used to return control to user and terminate. How to generate a Report, which displays only specific desired columns in the Output?

This will copy records from 1 to 99 and then the last record. Following can be used to remove duplicates from a file and save it to another file. To insert a blank space, we use X.

How to Create an SMF report using DFSORT ICETOOL

To many people who are thrown to work at a mainframe computer on their first job, they feel lost. Selectively view the fields File-aid: Thanx a lot Wolfgang. Only a member of this mainframr may post a comment. Run a job based on previous job without Job schedu What info can we gather from the first 5 byt Prints the values that occur more than times.


Note that 1st column is occupied by the printing carriage control character. Access path of a SQL before coding it in program u Why do we need to format them? Email Required, but never shown. That is the values that appear only once.

Below prints the values that occur more than times. Raj kumar Bhakthavachalam 4 September at Here, you can add,delete or re-arrange fields. Also note that in the above figure the title is being printed every page. How to debug non-terminal, MQ triggered pro Usually used to manage VSAM datasets. Utility programs are pre-written programs, widely used in mainframes mainfrae system programmers and application developers to achieve day-to-day requirements, organising and maintaining data.

Difference between SLQ code an What’s more, the books and manuals are incredibly hard to comprehend.

Formatting Output Records – DFSORT Tutorial – Mainframes

How to debug programs interactively unde This is also possible. Extent and space parameter CICS: Insert a record after a particular condi What if I wanted to insert a Date and Timestamp? The string within is also icetkol before the value is printed.

Suppose, you would like to insert at the end of each record the current date and timestamp. How to see the datasets allocated to your IS Rules for coding DD name icetoop an alternate in Mainframe Tips, Tricks And Tutorials.


How to identify batch jobs with high C List indicates the output dataset. How buffer processing works for sequential fi Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. What does one understand by the phrase — Formatting of Output Records? For re-formatting of records, there are mainly 3 tools at your disposal – BUILD – Reformat each record by specifying all of its items one by one. Out of sequence problem CICS: Let’s say I have a file containing a list of cars and their colors.

For example, in the output records, there might not be a space between two fields. Readers based in Indiacan buy the e-book for Rs.


Numeric fields with usage COMP BLANK replaces all the leading zeros. How to convert packed decimal to zoned decim TLEFT to print the title left justified. Read on to know more Why last digit of a numeric field displays

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