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Datasheet «M48T86»

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Bridgeport Cmos battery I have a Bridgeport ez-track. The cmos battery has died dose anybody know of a source for these batteries?

The number on the battery is m48t86pci Thanks for any help you can give. HWElecRepair liked this post. Datasheett Dallas Semiconductor part is a battery backed-up realtime clock module. If so, then maybe the cross reference is accurate and your module also has an RTC in it. If so, then there is a moderate chance you may be able to pull the plastic top off and replace the Lithium button yourself No great loss if you fail and end up breaking the part!

You’ll be replacing it anyhow! That part, or a similar cross, is pretty easy to come by. In fact, I have one sitting in my garage, but it probably m48t86cpi a dead battery in it. Originally Posted by wrench. I don’t see why so many sites come up with that number having a cross to a M4t886pci Man, don’t you love it when the errant part is something easily sourced! How come whenever something on my machines breaks it is invariably some inobtainium part–generally something that was only produced in Germany for about dqtasheet weeks time!


If I can find it at all, let alone a datasheet, it is usually from a dealer in China that specializes in obsolete parts Minimum order of something I’ll never use. The flip side is that I’ve usually been able to find a cross reference eventually. Nonetheless, it is a pain. It powers up ok then ask me to home the machine. When I push the button to do that I dafasheet the message ” drives not on, failed to go home” Any suggestions?

Hi Todd, Hmmm, something is fishy here That module is nothing more than a real-time clock. It has a battery so that the counter can continue to do its stuff while the power is not connected. But, fundamentally the module doesn’t do anything but provide the time and date for the system.

M48t86pfi isn’t any user RAM where parameters could be stored inside of this device. I cannot figure why a bad RTC time would m48t86pvi into the inability to power up the drives. Dataasheet is nonsensical so I’m mystified how there can be any such interaction there. My guess is that there is another issue datzsheet is masquerading here and you are thinking it is the RTC when, in fact, it is not If you replace the RTC with the old one which will work just fine from an access perspective, only the time will be incorrect does everything work?

If so, have you verified that the number you provided in the original post is accurate? Thanks to all for your insight. When the chip was replaced the technician put in a socket so I could swap back however I wouldn’t be able to get as far along with the old chip to start the machine as I can with m48t886pci new chip.

I had the technician look up the chip number also to make m48t86lci that was right.

From what has been said here it sounds like I am missing a parameter or two. I posted over at cnc zone. Will see what they have to say and report back Satasheet. Well, it appears as though I was incorrect.


(PDF) M48T86PC1 Datasheet download

I had quickly perused the datasheet on the RTC but Eatasheet didn’t see that it had user accessible memory in it having memory by itself is a different matter. I understand how RTC chips work, and that they datasyeet memory in them, but if it isn’t user accessible then it is irrelevant. That said, bytes isn’t a hell of a lot of space to put information. I’d have guessed that they would have another SRAM that is battery backed up someplace on the board. But it is also an older machine m48t86lci I guess it may be true Whatever the case, it sounds like you are now in need of a tech that can tell you what buttons to press.

This is outside the scope of an electrical engineering discussion at this point, assuming that there isn’t another problem with the control. I’m curious to hear how it all turns out. I had quickly perused the datasheet on the RTC but I didn’t see that it had user accessible memory Sounds like you need to call Electro Mechanical Integrators.

They pretty much can handle j48t86pci Bridgeport CNC problems. Yep, that is pretty clear! So M48t86pc got my friend the electrician that replaced the battery over to have a look. He came to the conclusion that it was dirty contacts on one of the boards.

Thank to all Todd. Where did you find the battery for your machine. I’m needing to replace mine as well. Any additional advise on any issues you ran into would be great also.

Bridgeport Cmos battery

Originally Posted by md Typed that number in a search on the Jameco website and it pulled up a DS Is that what you ordered? And you didn’t have to change any of the BIOS settings? Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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