The Inhuman. Reflections on Time. J can-Francois Lyotard. Translated by Geofirey Bennington and Rachel Bowlby l] g Polity Press. In this major study, now available in paperback, Lyotard develops his analysis of the phenomenon of postmodernity, and examines the philosophy of Kant. Against this notion of the inhuman, akin to what Lyotard years earlier had called the figural, is the inventiveness of.

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Libidinal Economy is not an easy read, not least since it does not wish to set itself up as merely another philosophical theory hiding its own desires, with a truth easily representable to others Libidinal Lyotard is a gifted, elegant, sensitive thinker. Postmodern science searches for instabilities in systems, undermining predictability. The subject cannot be seen as a master lotard language games, a unifying power, but is rather a node at which different incommensurable language games intersect.

Lyotard’s interest in Malraux may be explained through the commonalities they share, in particular a problematic lyotadd to the political and an attempted solution to this problem through art.

He rejects the idea of a master-discourse later called a metanarrative that is thought to provide the basis for judgement in all situations.

Jean-François Lyotard (1924—1998)

In Just Gaminghe analyses situations where questions of justice and judgement arise in terms of language games. It covers a wide variety of topics, including phenomenology, psychoanalysis, structuralism, poetry and art, Hegelian dialectics, semiotics, and philosophy of language.

What is deeply unsettling about the mathematically sublime is that the mental faculties that present visual perceptions to the mind are inadequate to the concept corresponding to it; in other words, what we are able to make ourselves see cannot fully match up to what we know is there. Eric rated it really liked it May 01, This strip is then set in motion, circulating so fast it glows red with heat.

Elena rated it really liked it Oct 12, Jul 09, mahatmanto rated it really liked it. Yale University Press, In this context, modern and postmodern art can be distinguished in the following way.


Discourse and figure, however, are not opposed but are co-implicated: Or will the State simply be one user among others?

It is always possible to situate the phrase in a different way by concatenating with a lyyotard phrase regimen. In the near future, he predicts, education will no longer be given “en bloc” to people in their youth as a preparation for life.

The Inhuman: Reflections on Time – Jean-François Lyotard – Google Books

Modernity is defined as the age of metanarrative legitimation, and postmodernity as the age in which metanarratives have become bankrupt. Reflections on Time, trans. Lyotadd side of the tensor disrupts and escapes the system, flowing into new systems and structures. Knowledge is produced in order to be sold, and is consumed in order to fuel a new production.

He sees the performativity criterion as applying not just to science, technology, and capital, but to the State as well.

Furthermore, Lyotard’s insistence that the freeing of dissimulated libidinal forces can only be passively done and not actively controlled is motivated by his identification of wilful acts with the organisational subject. Affects are structured and interpreted in systems made up of dispositifslibidinal dispositions or set-ups, and society is composed of multitudes of different dispositions that compete to exploit the energies of libidinal events. Lyotard sees the rise of capital, science and technology linked through legitimation by performativity as a similar threat, however.

Crome, Keith,Lyotard and Greek Thought: La guerre des Algeriens: Lyotard sees reason not as a universal and immutable human faculty or principle but as a specific and variable human production; “paralogy” for him means the movement against an established way of reasoning.

In thinking, one accepts the occurrence for what it is: This region is material like the body, but it is not yet organizedthus the figure of dismemberment. This power of disturbance is related to the feeling of the sublime, and it is an indication of the differend.


One cannot consume an occurrence, but merely its meaning. Lyotard believes that knowledge is becoming so important an economic factor, in fact, that he suggests that one day wars will be waged over the control of information. There are many possible ways of linking on to a phrase, and no way is the right way.

With this said, I must also observe that this work is of vital importance in a period when revisionism of all stripes attempts ylotard rewrite, and often simply deny, the occurrence of historical and cultural events, i.

For Lyotard semiotics is a prime example of representational nihilism, because the definition of the sign is that it replaces something negating that which it replaces. Every phrase presents a universe, composed of the following four elements or, as Lyotard calls them, instances: The correct sense of a phrase cannot be determined by a reference to reality, since the referent itself does not fix sense, and reality itself is defined as the complex of competing senses attached to a referent.

Lyotard begins with an opposition between discourserelated to structuralism and written text, and figure a visual imagerelated to phenomenology and seeing. This set of essays, most first given as lectures, are remarkable in their literary and philosophical quality, with each indirectly, as the subtitle suggests, taking up the problem of temporality, that is, our openness to the unphraseable events given in a future worthy of the name.

The Inhuman: Reflections on Time by Jean-François Lyotard

Rojeck, Chris and Turner, Bryan S. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Lyotard proposes that a better form of legitimation would be legitimation by paralogy.

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