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And even more so that she had people she could rely on to take care of her and protect her at her most vulnerable.

Haven Travis has had to live with enough overbearing men for two lifetimes, thank you very much. Similar books to this? I don’t care, it’s just fundamentally differentat least in my emotional landscape.

He’s one of those big, sexy, working class men that she does so well. I’m not really a big contemporary romance fan, but I’ve really enjoyed this series more than I expected. I really enjoyed reading about Hardy again because it felt like something was so wrong with him in the previous book that I wanted to see his HEA. Because you are never, ever detached.

Travis #2: El diablo tiene ojos azules, de Lisa Kleypas

Her life with Nick was way, way more. I’ll be reading the next very soon. This book had no interest in doablo me slip out of its clutches.


Maybe Liberty wasn’t his destiny but Haven surely is. Even though my level of enjoyment definitely increased this time around, I still think I might prefer Kleypas’ other series. Needless to say his inner gentleman is not on board with date-raping his own girlfriend.

Travis #2: El diablo tiene ojos azules, de Lisa Kleypas – Literatura Romántica Juvenil

La historia de amor ha sido bonita y como ambos se ayudan mutuamente a recuperarse me ha parecido muy tierno y adorable, especialmente la paciencia de Hardy. I had a terrible time with the first part of this. I sometimes hate feeling helpless Want to Read saving…. And so begins a kind of hell Haven could never have imagined.

Blue-Eyed Devil 4 Stars After hearing about this book for years, perhaps my expectations were too high.

I’m looking forward to the next in the series. It isn’t that her historical novels are fluff, but she really brings all the conflicts and complications of modern life i So hard to use this rating scale.

Real men who can, and do say some incredibly sweet things, yet remain definitively, unmistakeably male. Maybe after Sugar Daddy most books won’t feel as good as that one for a while, I don’t know, but it didn’t feel the same.

I thought Kleypas’ portrayal of her troubled relationship with her father rang true. So the beginning drags a near four-star down.


I felt like I was there, with my hands tied behind my back and my screams of warning falling on deaf ears. Algo en lo liza Kleypas es magistral. Our life experiences make us who we are and shape our future relationships. You still root for Haven and her relationship with Hardy but I wanted more.

Now for the bad: Alone and uncertain, Haven lives in this hell far too long. Now, probably doesn’t seem that long ago, but you would be surprised how quickly a book can seem out of date. I wish I did but I just don’t. Like they’re just trying to get it over with?

El Diablo Tiene Ojos Azules

Coming out of a bad marriage Haven has attracted the attention of Hardy, a rival of the family. Long enough that when she finally extricates herself with the help of her big brother Gageshe’s in no way ready to resume normal life.

We use diiablo to give you the best possible experience. Still I really fell for Haven and her plight.

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