The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop. The classic page book detailing the pagan origins of various Roman Catholic traditions. Now see this online book. Originally a pamphlet published in , The Two Babylons is Hislop’s most famous work. In this book he argues that the Roman Catholic Church is nothing. The Two Babylons [Alexander Hislop] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THE TWO BABYLONS is the great work that shows and explains .

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Admittedly, there were sections of the book I simply skimmed. At the time this came out, it would have made a lot of sense. Hislop has thoroughly researched his topic.

Although Hislop’s work is extensively footnoted, some commentators in particular Ralph Woodrow have stated that the document contains numerous misconceptions, fabrications, logical fallacies, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, and grave factual errors. The Sign of the Cross 21k. By discrediting the true Christianity of Catholics, Hislop hoped to bolster the legitimacy of the Protestant and Scottish Reformations.

In the note by the editor of the 7th edition, which was published init was claimed, “that no one, so far as we are aware, has ventured to challenge the accuracy of the historical proofs adduced in support of the startling announcement on the title page. It’s really sad that this virulently anti-Catholic and anti-Negro book still remains so influential. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For example, Hislop linked the name of Easter with Astarte, the Phoenician fertility goddess by citing Layard’s recent discovery of Astarte’s Assyrian name, Ishtar, which Hislop took to be “identical” to Easter.


Dec 16, Jay D rated it did not like it. Some of his points particularly on Mary worship make sense, but generally he is too over-the-top.

It is not a Christian name. Jun 02, Douglas Wilson rated it lws it Shelves: God promised the solution to the issue of sin in Genesis 3: In Assyria, they invented an eponymous founder of Nineveh named Ninus, who supposedly ruled 52 years over an empire comparable to the Persian Empire at its greatest extent.

The Two Babylons: Table of Contents

The book’s central theme is its allegation alexanedr the Catholic Church is a veiled continuation of the pagan religion of ancient Babylon, the product of a millennia-old secret conspiracy founded by the Biblical king Nimrod and the Assyrian queen Semiramis, whom Hislop claimed was Nimrod’s wife.

I alexandeer the truth as found in God’s Word, the Bible, and I really don’t need to read all of the intricacies of an ancient false religion, so particularly the sections on worship of the Child in ancient Babylon I skimmed over. I have just completed a study, the last four or five years, of the early Church. Alexander was born and raised in DunsBerwickshire. The Clementine literature made the association in the 4th Century AD. Hislop’s parallels between ancient Babylon and Catholicism include: However, Hislop wrote before the historical records of the ancient near east had been thoroughly decoded and studied, that cast doubt in the decades after he wrote whether there was any such figure as Ninus, and the Greek authors whom he quoted lacked credibility on the subject.


James Corban Buy a copy. I highly recommend this book. It should be noted that some of the verses listed i.

The Two Babylons

Hislop presents so much evidence it is overwhelming, but one might draw different conclusions from the data. It was expanded ingoing through many editions. There are some good elements to this book but overall it is not to be commended.

Unless you have a great deal of interest in the history of religion, I don’t recommend this book. The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop. Students of theology and those interested in the complex history of Christianity will find Hislop’s arguments provocative enough that they may be moved to further research of their own.

The Two Babylons–Alexander Hislop

Purgatory and Prayers for the Dead 10k. He died of a paralytic stroke in Arbroath the next year after being ill for about two years. Continuum International Alexxander Group. Any corrections or questions may be directed to the following address: Panbabylonism is now generally considered to be pseudohistory. Baptismal Regeneration 47k Section II. At this point, the merger between the Roman state religion and its adoration of the mother and child was transferred to Christianity, merging Christian characters with pagan mythology.

Search this and duex books.

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