ODO YAKUZA TOKYO – second edition author: Anton Kusters reproduction of 92 images of the YAKUZA project; 14 reproductions of. Odo Yakuza Tokyo has 8 ratings and 1 review. Kevin said: This photography book disappointed, probably because I had set high expectations. Anton Kusters. Odo Yakuza Tokyo. Below is an excerpt of my conversation with Anton Kusters, talking about the birth of his first book. We are.

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You would think this would put you in a vulnerable position, but actually it puts you in the strongest possible position, especially for the long run, this builds trust and a good way of working, and also the chance for them to get to see how seriously I take them, and my photography.

I always dit it by making a book dummy with blurb and presenting a physical object to them to look through. Well, that is a moot point now.

Anton Kusters Odo Yakuza Tokyo Print Photography Book 1st Edition Japan / | eBay

Desiree Liew marked it as to-read Oct 03, Wow — I mean, I have seen the proof, while we met in Amsterdam and it was already a great experience. I finally had a chance last night yakuzw sit down with your book and spend some time with it — it is indeed a wonderful work. I could swear that I read it was sold out. I have the first version of this in print.


Yamamoto kaicho and two other members shower in an Onsen typical Japanese bath house after playing in a golf tournament.

Pingback on Jun 17th, at 2: Take care Anton and congrats again! There are plans for a documentary film, after the summer my brother Malik and I will be movig forward on that one.

Kustwrs of luck with your plans there. Hope that our paths cross again soon, a. Where does it say that the book is sold out?

I think anton should be the EPF winner: The two righest ranking bosses in the Odo family, having coffee at a hotel bar, after it has been completely cleared first for safety reasons.

The godfather rolls down his car window while leaving a commemoration service for a deceased member of the family — Yyakuza contrary to what you state, attention can surely be non-judgemental.

Anton Kusters Odo Yakuza Tokyo Print Photography Book 1st Edition Japan 161/500

Sure the book is as good as those tattoos!! Anton, Would love to hear more about khsters the Yakuza thought. After I bought the book all I could think was that you would be: Yamamoto Kaicho, the number two boss, lies still as master Tattooist Hori Sensei completes his full body tattoo. I hope others will see that too.

Odo Yakuza Tokyo by Anton Kusters

Pingback on Dec 9th, at 3: I have been able to slash off a huge lump off of the base shipping costs for asia and oceania… great news… and at the same time also refunded the difference to the orders already in from the affected countries…. Eva, I should have known that you would order before me; you said that you would and you did!


Socho, the godfather, arrives at a commemoration service for a kustes who has died.

Its something you wanna hold and have. I think publishing a book is key to establishing some clout within the photo world. Photoshop is the final step, if for print. What a 2nd edition?

Ross Nolly June 17, at Mercy is now be offered by eye too. The only truth, for me, that is recountable: Amazing the sale rate of THE book. I will be a cat now!

ALL Heading out of Tokyo tomorrow back home…. Sorry, very tired and out of the loop here on the last 24hrs or so gee, things move fast around here…I like that! Now, after all these compliments, will I allow myself some small critics as no one has made any yet:

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