Italienischer Humanismus und Marxismus. Zum Problem Theorie und Praxis ( Fortsetzung und Schluß).Ernesto Grassi – – Zeitschrift für Philosophische. Karl Korsch, Marxismus und Philosophie (Leipzig, C. L. Hirschfield, ). © Telos Press Publishing. «Previous | Next Article» Table of Contents. Buy Marxismus und Philosophie by Karl Korsch (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Find it on Scholar. With such a formulation of the problem, in the opinion of the author, not only does it raise the problem to its highest meaning, like the problems of state and revolution, but also allows us to understand the neglect of it by the theoreticians of the Second International: Ian Hunt – – Avebury.

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The opposite could not be, he concludes, because in the opposite case it would turn out that theory breaks from its own basis and hangs in the air. This article has no associated abstract.

And besides it being indeed difficult to indicate as of yet the sort of conception, which carries such provisional character and is to such an extent defined in reliance on the person employing it, what does one understand by philosophy? From this point of view, furthermore, the fact that opportunism usually begins with a critique of the philosophical pphilosophie of the Marxist worldview becomes clear: The first must be denoted as the limitedness of philosophical arrogance, and is expressed in that philosophy overlooks how the ideal content of philosophy can rather easily have its substance also beyond the limits of the latter, in different kinds of science that also have a place in relation precisely to Hegelian philosophy.

Marxismus Und Philosophie

Marxist theory provided the foundation for the clarification and solution of this problem but did not go into the concrete details concerning the application of basic findings to specific spheres of capitalist culture, i. But, after all, one cannot ignore that this is only a figurative expression, and in its precise parts it can escape even uns author himself, which, in my opinion, happens in this case.

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And between these two opposed roles of philosophy is their not arranged for her a series of intermediate trades? Bourgeois revolutionary turned into bourgeois counter-revolutionary, and stepped aside for the revolutionary proletarian.

Will philosophy be abolished as a whole, or is it similar to the abolition of the state, seeming, as sort of period, to be included in the phase of the revolutionary process.

To put the matter before oneself so means manipulating with words, designating the phenomenon, but not the substance, the expression of which it appears as.

It would be superficial to explain this phenomenon through the personal qualities of individual Marxists: Italienischer Humanismus und Marxismus.

And finally, the third limit ascribed by the same author to bourgeois-philosophy is class shortsightedness, hindering bourgeois science to correctly evaluate its hostility to society and the ability to correctly determine its reflection in theory.

Therefore Marxism remains a scientific and practical resource to this day so far as, and as long as, the realization of it by the indicated road of development of reality has not become a fact. In order to illustrate this, the author gives a short essay on the history of Marxism.

That, from his standpoint, conjointly finds its expression in opportunism. The second limit lies in the patriotic local kinds of German science, brought about because the latter history of philosophy in the 19th korscch stood still in the amiable walls of the heart of the Vaterland and lost sight of the fact that in the s period, philosophy lived in other countries.

True, comrade Korsch allows one to understand what he has in mind by philosophy, as the expression of the revolutionary movement or as the comprehensive theory of social revolution. Marxismus Und Das Menschliche Individuum. Abstract At present — ed.

Yet, whether they recognize it or not it is still there and remains the most pressing problem of contemporary Marxism, since its effects on Marxist praxis are fundamental and can be readily discerned as latent or manifest in every aspect of praxis by those aware of it.


Understanding philosophy as the expression of the revolutionary action, by adhering to his standpoint, must conclude that the period of social standstill, bringing a corresponding modification in the domain of theory, must inevitably cause the rejection of philosophy, the denial for it of a right to count as something real. The reason for it is the idiosyncratic conception of philosophy in passing we remark, additionally, that here the conception of dialectics cannot be without fault: And exactly against such conception of philosophy as a sort of super-science presenting a human absolute truth, Marxism directed its blows.

Studies in Dialectical Materialism. After all, arguing that a theory could lead an independent existence outside of the actual movement of life meant leaving the materialist-dialectical point of view and stepping into idealism.

Karl Korsch, Marxismus Und Philosophie – PhilPapers

Socialism and Marxism in Social and Political Philosophy. Henri Lefebvre – – University of Minnesota Press. What is the position of Philksophie in relation to philosophy? The Evolution of Dialectical Materialism: Progress Publishers []. Actually, he is not even averse to declare that the most authentic Marxism also undergoes new transformation in contingency of changes of the social condition.

Karl Korsch, “Marxismus und Philosophie”

But this solution in no way corresponds to the actual state of affairs. He begins again by indicating the importance of the problems, having made clear analogue to these problems with the problem of Marxism and the State.

The first Marxist period coincided with the revolutionary storm of the s, and in its essence reflected the state of this society. This crisis of Marxism affects the relation between the economic and the social spheres and the relation of economic reality to ideology.

Believing that the above-cited consideration is enough for elucidating the position of bourgeois philosophy, the author turns to the analysis of ohilosophie on the matter in the camp of the Marxists.

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