Page 1. Junkspace. Rem Koolhaas. October, Vol. , Obsolescence. (Spring, ), pp. Stable URL. OMA founder Rem Koolhaas, the seer of Rotterdam, made just one contribution to the Harvard Guide: an essay called Junkspace. In about. so “junkspace” came up in a discussion recently, I thought I knew what it was and proceded with my definition. After hearing myself speak.

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Rem Koolhaas. Junkspace

Spring,pp. The Golden Calf’s shit is holy. Jul 4, 10 8: It sponsors a collective of brooding consumers in surly anticipation of their next junmspace, a mass of refractory periods caught in a Thousand Year Reign of Razzmataza paroxysm of prosperity. Who do you want to be? Junkspace is a meltdown of modernization and modernity.

Rem Koolhaas-Junkspace | fang bai –

From the lively breasts of the classical violinist, the designer stubble of the big-brother outcast, the contextual pedophilia of the former revolutionary, the routine addictions of the stars, the runny makeup of the evangelist, the robotic movements of the conductor, the dubious benefits of the fundraising marathon, the explanation of the politician: Jul 7, 10 8: In these three essays, the famous architect Rem Koolhaas presents a critique of contemporary urbanism and city building.

The joint is no longer a problem, an intellectual issue: Garage Library is closed from December 30 to January 6. Sections seem to be devoted to utter inertness, others in perpetual rhetorical turmoil: Its anarchy is one of the last tangible ways in which we experience freedom. Well, at the risk of appearing as a? Then junkspace spreads, consuming nature like a forest fire in LA Rem Koolhaas Junkspace Because we abhor the utilitarianwe have condemned ourselves to a life-long immersion in arbitrariness We can see that older civilizations built magnificent structures for their times and many of them are still standing today hundreds of years later.


As for the subjectivity of conceptual knowledge, if we adopt the extreme Nominalism of the post-modernists and say that the only meaning imparted to our concept of some aspect of reality is the definition we give to it, then then necessary implication is that all knowledge is inherently arbitrary in the sense of being neither true nor false due to intrinsic non-verifiability: Laughable emptiness infuses the respectful distance or tentative embrace that starchitects maintain in the presence of the past, authentic or not.

On December 31 and January 1 the Museum is closed.

Oh well, I try. Junkspace sheds architectures like a reptile sheds skins, is reborn every Monday morning.

Does our capitalism naturally, inevitably produce the cavernous, inexpensive, under-insulated structures that house WalMart or Home Depot? It creates communities not of shared interest koolbaas free association, but of identical statistics and unavoidable demographics, an oportunistic weave of vested interests.

Ledner Architecture in a Country of Stage Sets: I perceive this all much differently than I did when I first read Koolhaas’ text.

koolhaas’ Junkspace

There was once a polemic about the straight line ; now the degree angle has become one among many. Concentration gambling, concentration golf, concentration convention, concentration movie, concentration culture, concentration holiday.


People Firms Blogs Forum. Junkspace seems an aberration, but it is essence, the main thing There is a special way of moving in junkspaceat the same time aimless and purposeful.

Outside, in the real world, the ‘art planner’ spreads junkspace ‘s fundamental incoherence by assigning defunct mythologies to residual surfaces and plotting three-dimensional works in left-over emptiness. Outside, the architects’ footbridge is rocked to the breaking point by a stampede of enthusiastic pedestrians; the designers’ initial audacity now awaits the engineer’s application of dampers. When we think about spacewe have only looked at its containers.

That’s a subject way too big and complex to detail here. Its just his basis for theory. The formerly straight is coiled into ever more complex configurations. But model itself is a proliferating concept. His non-places seem to correlate to Rem’s definition of ‘junkspace’ fairly well. Airportsprovisional accommodation for those going elsewhere, inhabited by assemblies united only by the imminence of their dissolution, have turned into consumption gulags, democratically distributed across the globe to give every citizen an equal chance of admission Jul 16, 12 3: Modernization had a rational program: Impure, tortured and complex, they exist only because they were never consciously plotted.

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