Get to understand the King of mudras – Kechari Mudra, an advanced yoga posture with which you can even suppress hunger and thirst. Kechari mudra is a subject of increasing discussion and debate these days. It is a good sign. It means it is coming out of the shadows of esoteric yoga and into. This article covers a technique, Khechari Mudra, that is one of the most unusual in yoga and therefore a bit too strange for some people.

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Deciding to practice Kechari involves the readiness of nervous system to enter the next mmudra. Khecari mudra in this sense may refer to kumbhaka. Now, what means khechari mudra?

But looking at the nine openings we also know there is a tenth. Kechari is an advanced practice that enables the yogi to reach higher states of consciousness. This technique of drinking mucus is known as khechari mudrakechaari it is thought to be one of the crowning achievements of yoga. The steps to open the crown chakra are as follows: It is foolishness to cut the frenum under the tongue.

Kechari can be practiced in conjunction with other yoga practices like Ujjayi pranayamaShambhavi mudra and other meditation techniques. For advanced practitioners, cutting of the frenum membrane is advised. With the practice of Kechari Mudra, the practitioner can overcome thirst, hunger, laziness, and fainting.


This stage has important effects on the entire nervous system, significantly upon combination with other mudras.

This type of tongue massaging activates those taste buds on the tongue, and stimulates the secretion of certain endorphin like hormones. There is an easy trick involved in this stage. Found Money On The Ground?

Khecarī mudrā

This enables the tongue to easily kevhari into the nasal cavity. This organ is situated towards the back edge of the nasal septum. In this step, the tongue is pushed back to the right or left the side of the soft palate with the help of finger. About a centimeter or two above the top of our mouth, a highly sensitive body organ is located that can be reached easily with the tongue.

This nectar energizes the body and helps to overcome the need for thirst and food. It helps the person detach his astral body from physical body and travel in astral planes.

Kechari Mudra – Techniques And Benefits

Notify me of new posts by email. Kechari Mudra is much more than that. Another dramatic step in Kechari is the stage 4. Regular practice of this Mudra takes the practitioners into a permanent lovemaking of polarities within.

This is not something to be done lightly and was never recommended in Divine Light Mission as it was claimed that with continual practice it could be achieved and the Divine Nectar could then be drunk. Stage 3 — This stage involves working slowly towards the nasal pharynx and the septum.


Kechari Mudra – The Tongue Lock

Physically, numerous taste cells are positioned not only on the tongue but also on the uvula, soft palate, larynx, pharynx, and epiglottis. Later touches the uvula at the back of the throat.

But I know many yogis who can touch the uvula with the tip of the tongue.

Is Your Chi Blocked? The Lotus and the Robot. Kechari Mudra technique is one of the most effective and pleasurable of the yoga practices. In early practices, it can be performed with the help of finger pushing the kecgari and moving to the left or right of the soft palette whichever is easier.

Develop a mudrra and caring attitude. The basic question is what is achieved by these exercise? Experience a sense of inner peace. Eventually the yogi is able to taste the nectar or Amrit which flows from the roof of the nasal cavity. The immune system becomes strong and the body becomes divine.

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