Introduction to Magic. Rituals and Practical Techniques for the Magus. By (author ) Julius Evola By (author) The UR Group. Introduction to Magic. Introduction to Magic by Julius Evola. The title of this book could be a bit misleading, as it’s fair to say that the majority of the articles in this book. Updated to include the text, Evola’s notes and a missing section. Note that the In the final article of Book three of the Introduction to Magic, Julius Evola .

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The rites, practices, and texts collected by the mysterious UR group for the use of aspiring mages.

Introduction to Magic | Gornahoor

So successful were they that rumors spread throughout Italy of the group’s power, and Mussolini himself became quite fearful of veola. Now for the first time in English Introduction to Magic collects the rites, practices, and knowledge of the UR group for the use of aspiring mages.


Included in Introduction to Magic are instructions for creating an etheric double, speaking words of power, using fragrances, juliks with entities, and creating a “magical chain.

Anyone who has exhausted the possibilities of the mundane world and is ready to take the steps necessary to purify the soul in the light of jukius and the fire of dedication will find a number of expert mentors here. A controversial philosopher and critic of modern Western civilization, Julius Evola wrote widely on Eastern religions, alchemy, sexuality, politics, and mythology.

Inner Traditions has published his Eros and the Mysteries of Love: His descriptions of subtle states and the practices that yo to them are as lucid as these difficult subjects allow.

The ultimate goal is the identification of the individual with the Absolute.

Introduction to Magic : Julius Evola :

This is a powerful and disturbing book, and a classic. One can be quite certain that it will still have readers centuries from now. Experienced occultists will welcome it as a breath of fresh air and a journey into little discussed territories. You don’t read this magiv, you experience it. A mighty book, like a torrent, that sweeps paltry modern ideas away.


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Introduction to Magic

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