Pantech Solutions. Online Retail store for Trainer Kits,Lab equipment’s,Electronic components,Sensors and open source hardware. This process is to assist in the repair of your Pantec receiver. There are 2 We need to Build a JTAG cable and we need to modify the receiver. To modify the. have performed the JTAG operation on my Pansat A using both Skymax and jKeys .. The first thing to do here is figure out if you have a PanTec MX or MS.

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Make sure its firm then leave it alone.

The new Bin you want to load. Try not to move the resister around at all after soldering. Don’t put the tape on the heat sink first. You don’t need the additional resister as this upgrade handles that on jtaf MS only. The ground on both is the Black wire closest to it.

Many of these units are somewhat quirky in the sense that they may not react well to certain programs. Make sure you get a similar screen. You will have to off set the fan to clear the caps. Now the next utag is the resister mod.


Unscrew the screws holding the board to the case. Connect the JTAG cable to your computer parallel port and then plug in the 10 pin connector to the receiver. Try until you have success.

Generate Harmony code Step 8: Wait for this to complete and then switch off the receiver. The modification to the receiver is easy if you take these steps exactly.

If you experience problems with DCU errors in Jkeys, this will probably solve it. Now load the new bin.

oantec That should be it. If you don’t see Macrx in the IRD model window. Now turn on the receiver and look at the front of the unit.

Use the procedure for the MX as a guide to do this procedure. Study the picture below and familiarize your self with your receiver. Its a good idea to keep your file in the computer and your channel list in the receiver up to date.

Again don’t be worried or surprised if the bin doesn’t load or the file errors, wait for the reboot Most of these boards are robotically created.


Which jtag is best for pantec mx

Bend the leads so the parts won’t fall out but don’t solder them yet. A solder tab is not soldered with out the part in this style of manufacture, therefore I believe itag the part was accidentally omitted.

The next part is the ground for the resister. Programming the Autoroll Flash: Now attach the DB25 wires to the appropriate spot as well as the flat ribbon 10 pin connector.

Pantec FTA Files & Pantec FTA KEYS

A progress bar will appear. I did this for simplification. I have worked on many similar itag that will and won’t load certain software.

If you purchase the heat sink jag fan separately, adapt as best you can. Click the pull down tab and select it. Don’t tap the power from the board directly.

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