Joachim WERDIN estas pola Esperanto-parolanto, kiu en kaj faris plurmonatajn vojaĝojn tra Azio, dum kiuj li vaste informis pri Esperanto kaj instruis. 2 results for Kindle Store: “Joachim M. Werdin”. Product Details Nov 30, | Kindle eBook. by Joachim M. Werdin and Stefan Strecker. $ Read this and. In this short article, breatharian Joachim Werdin speaks about his transition into the breatharian state. Joachim Werdin began his journey when.

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In this moachim article, breatharian Joachim Werdin speaks about his transition into the breatharian state. Joachim Werdin began his journey when he was 16 years old with a regular practice of fasting. After decades of experience with fasting, Joachim Werdin felt it was the right time to transition into breatharianism.

Joachim Werdin

A new internationally acclaimed film on breatharianism is now available — In the Beginning There Was Light. Watch the entire film here. Talking about my experience with choosing the style of life characterized by being a breatharian, I like to say, that it is a side effect or a natural consequence of my way to perfection or a way of conscious self development.


I could say it all began when I wsrdin sixteen — I had my first fasting for four days. Since that time I fasted in every year once or twice for three to fourteen days.

The first and second weeks were quite similar in feelings like before when I was fasting. The more time I spent on contemplation the more the subconsciousness was changing and accepting the life without taking any thing into the mouth.

Also, I like to emphasize, that to become a breatharian should not be the main goal. It rather should be one of steps, naturally achieved, on a way of individual self development process of a human being.

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