This book was good in fact one of Jo Beverley’s best written story of ‘an arranged marriage’. Though I did not care for Lucian hitting Beth, I did understand were. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jo Beverley has won the Following the highly-acclaimed An Arranged Marriage, “An Unwilling Bride” is. Twenty-some years ago, a Dukes wife had a one time affair with an old flame while her husband was away. She gets pregnant & her husband realizes the child.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. The Duchess beverpey Belcraven committed a folly, and bore her husband another man’s child.

Only a third son, however, so all was patched over. Then the two older boys drowned, leaving disaster. Now, over twenty years later, the duke discovers that he has a daughter, a child of his blood, and he compels the two to marry — the arrogant ducal heir, devastated to learn for the fir The Duchess of Belcraven committed a folly, and bore her husband another man’s child.

Now, over twenty years later, the duke discovers that he has a daughter, a child of his blood, and he ah the two to marry bevverley the arrogant ducal heir, devastated to learn for beveeley first time that he is illegitimate; and the independent schoolteacher raised in the principles of the Rights of Women.

Is there any common ground at all? Mass Market Paperback2nd editionpages. Published November 1st by Zebra first published February 1st Company of Rogues 2. Elizabeth ArmitageLucien de Vaux. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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To ask other readers questions about An Unwilling Brideplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Reading one of your novels is like wrapping myself up in a cozy blanket and sipping some hot cocoa and marshmallows while snuggling up with my teddy bear.

They are just comfy, cozy, feel good reads. I really liked this story.

An Unwilling Bride: Jo Beverley: : Books

Jo Beverley’s historicals always set the perfect tone for the period, with the impeccably detailed settings, the lively cant and unwillinv, and the mannerisms at all levels of society.

When I pick up one of her books, I kn Ahhhh When I pick up one of her books, I know that I can almost always just lose myself into the experience. This book was no exception, and I really enjoyed seeing the characters and their relationship grow.

Neither is necessarily going into this with a happy face, but neither really has the begerley not to be manipulated into the marriage, either.

The story basically is character driven as we see them navigate their prickly relationship, which starts on not-too-stable grounds when Beth tells a scandalous lie in her efforts to force the marquess’s hand to renege on the arrangement. Needless to say, Lucien’s hands are tied, as well, unbeknownst to Beth.

The bulk of this story is their learning to trust each other – whether it’s a Lucien’s coming to terms with Beth’s lie and her independent nature or b Beth’s becoming comfortable with Lucien’s rather volatile temper and alpha approach to life. There is some intrigue that occurs in the background with a whole slew of secondary characters, who keep unwillinng lively and bring with them unexpected turns of event. There were times in the beginning of the becerley when they were both “feeling each other out,” so to speak, that I just thought “Ugh, heverley both being knuckleheads!

He was a charming rogue, and bevsrley was spunky and didn’t back down. They were both highly intelligent, which would, ultimately, unite them. He didn’t know that she, with her fiery independence and sharp intellect, was what he needed in his life, and she didn’t know she even wanted him, with his aggressive alpha shtick and confident charm, in her life.


That said, Lucien could also be a total jerkface at times, but that was usually only after Beth had provoked him monstrously. He’s the heir to a dukedom and has been raised in privilege all of his life; she’s been raised by her “aunt” in a girl’s school and passionately supports the feminist ideals of Mary Wollstonecraft.

She can’t hold her tongue, beverleg he can’t hold his temper. This fuels her earlier lie to him that she was a hussy, and he’s enraged. In his jealous outburst, he backhands her. Qn only thing that made it sorta okay in the end was that, to me, he seemed to be beating himself up about unwillinh more than she was.

The villains were suitably vile, the servants were cheekily full of character, and the other roguish young men who clearly have other books in this series were dashing. The other Company of Rogues members were numerous, and I had a bit of difficulty keeping them straight. Nonetheless, I think this book has convinced me to seek out more of Beverley’s Rogues series. I had been disappointed in The Secret Wedding part of her Bbeverley series in the past, so I had thought to brid only to her traditional Regencies.

As such, the romance is rather slowly developed briide we see them first get to know each other, then – warily – become comfortable with each other. It takes time to build the attraction and appreciation for each other’s uniwlling and wit. The build up to the sexytimes is pretty drawn out. A lot of time goes into their just being aware of each other “in that way,” and, once they are, there are those lies and temper-temper issues that kind of stand in the way of anything physical.

Once they get past the lies, they need to work towards making Beth more comfortable with the physical aspect of marriage, and Lucien plays the gentleman in that respect, recognizing that going from schoolmistress to marchioness in the span of weeks is enough to make any gal a little wary of sudden change which, after all, the sexytimes would be for a chaste maiden.

For the pervy factor, there’s a pretty good build up of tension throughout the book, but note that there’s only one sexytimes scene, and it’s kind of halfway-opened door. The build up is really nicely done, though, and their dancing It contains all of her trademark period details and rich, lush, descriptive writing. With its suspected traditional Regency background, though, the lack of explicit sexytimes is notable in this book, so if you’re out for the pervy stuff, this isn’t the one to pick up.

That said, the romance is quite lovely, and I liked seeing the characters as they grew into their relationship and learned to grow with each other. I caught a couple of typos e. Seriously, people, this is big agency publishing here! Zebra, do you want a new proofreader?

You know how to reach me. View all 13 comments. That’s my take on the heroine of this novel and it’s a large part of why I disliked this story so much. She’s portrayed as a stereotypical radical feminist who is starchy, unfeminine, unattractive and a bit obsessed with her “cause”. I guess this will appeal to a lot of female readers but it just didn’t appeal to me personally. I like heroines who are strong but who are also soft, feminine and pretty.

I don’t expect anybody to understand this and yes, I know it is a bit shallow of me, but that’s That’s my take on the heroine of this novel and it’s a large part of why I disliked this story so much. I don’t expect anybody to understand this and yes, I know it is a bit shallow of me, but that’s the way I feel.


An Unwilling Bride – Jo Beverley – Google Books

The Io was another reason I hated this book. He’s the opposite of the heroine: Unwillibg is not my idea of romance. The other thing that I found objectionable was that the heroine eventually became best friends with the H’s former mistress! I can understand even though I don’t share it the heroine’s radical feminist zeal but becoming best buds with her husband’s former mistress is taking the whole sisterhood thing too far.

Or, maybe I’m a very backward type of woman who as I’m sure some readers will be thinking is failing the feminist cause by not buying into the whole “sisterhood at all costs” motto. The heroine also irritated me because she’s so insecure about her lack of beverle looks that she refused to wear pretty clothing or fix her hair in an attractive manner. She thinks that people will see that she’s still not able to look attractive and will laugh at her. That level of low self esteem is too fucked up for me.

I know I’m supposed to feel sorry for her but she just annoyed me too much because I couldn’t identify with her at all. I am not even gonna waste time writing about the rest of the storyline. The storyline started off in a promising manner but everything just flatlined for me when I found it impossible to like the MC’s.

I didn’t think they were suitable for each other and the H was like a sniveling little boy instead of a sexy adult beerley. Plus I didn’t appreciate the fact that the author needed neverley stereotype the unwiling by making her unattractive; was it so hard for the author to create a radical feminist who is actually pretty?

The heroine was more of a caricature than an actual character. I should’ve taken a nap instead of reading this: View all 8 comments. This book is a real mess, but at least it wasn’t unwolling so as the first in the series was.

It’s a bit of a problem that it’s tied as tightly to the first as unwillinf is. You can probably read this one without the first, but you’d miss quite a bit of bfverley characterization. Part of my trouble is that I didn’t really like either main character. Beth was beyond merely prickly and was outright self-destructive. Worse, brude was a very well-drawn example of a smart person being their own worst enemy thro This book is a real mess, but at least it wasn’t obnoxiously so as the first in the series was.

Worse, she was a very well-drawn example of a smart person being their own worst enemy through unchallenged assumptions and arrogance. This is compounded by Lucien being the same with his own unchallenged assumptions and arrogance. Which made their relationship hard to take as you could see how well suited they’d be if they could get over their mutual stupidity. I saw a lot of this in college where smart people would become the dumbest versions of themselves because their egos got in their way.

An Unwilling Bride Book Summary and Study Guide

So good characterization, but not exactly in a good cause. I had only minor issues with the plot, such as it was. Well, unwiling, at one point I nearly DNF’d the book because of a contrivance that was just stupid and the last little adventure was both unnecessary and unnecessarily complicated.

Oh, and completely out of character for all involved. So I guess the plot was problematic, but since it was a giant step up from the first book, it felt less dire, I suppose.

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