Intergas Combi Compact HRE 28/24 () | 7 Year Warranty* | The Intergas Combi Compact HRE 28/24 is a 5-in-1 condensing combi boiler and is highly. Find out more information about Intergas Combi Compact HRE and read some of the latest reviews today for Intergas. The HRE 28/24 has a timer built in and its control panel is concealed neatly behind a fold-down flap. Intergas boilers are easy to service, but are boiler owners.

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Available in outputs of 18kW, 24kW, 30kW and 40kW. With an efficiency rating of up to CV Plumbers and Heating – December 29, Brilliant hot water delivery. No plate to plate heat exchanger to get blocked in the years to come, or diverter valve as many conventional combi boilers. Gas Services – October 7, Great performance and very versatile.

I regularly get great feedback from customers on the performance and how it has reduced their gas bills compared to the previous installed boiler. More than happy to recommend and fit Intergas products.

Murrayfield Plumbing and heating – July 22, The absolute best most versatile and functional boiler on the market hands down.

Intergas Kombi-Kompakt HRE 28/24 RF HR Combiketel 7,6 – 23,4 kW CW4 – cvonderdelen Hartog

Crawley Gas Engineer – February 9, Without doubt, the best boiler that I have fitted in years, compared to other boilers on the market this is a serious bit of kit, very adjustable and customisable within the parameters, this boiler is a dream when fitted with Ijtergas controls. Precision Heating Services – January 23, Not my first choice boiler, I find intwrgas too many of these boilers in complete disrepair due to being poorly fitted and maintained.

Heavy boilers with a poor after sales service. Richards Heating and Plumbing – December 12, Very poor aftersales when completing repairs. They have agreements in place with only selected merchants, regularly you will find they have updated the gas valve for example but when you order a new inteegas valve, intergas themselves nor the ‘approved’ merchants tell you you will need an extra wiring kit therefore leaving you to look silly to the customer.


I have also found the staff at intergas to be extremely inetrgas when questioned about the above and imply that somehow it would by my or the customers fault and not the company for poor processes and staff knowledge.

Mugleston’s Plumbing and Heating – December 7, Really well designed boilers, easy to install and work on. Stripped down design with only 4 moving parts and a well proven heat exchanger design should see these boilers lasting 20 years or more. Only niggle is modulation, which isn’t great by modern standards.

Excellent bit of kitfit a few of these now very impressive, very well built great unique designhighly recommend and very good value for money. Weybourne Services – December 6, Best boiler bar none. The possibilities with this boiler are immense. Not a big fan of the rear jig. Also a big ugly but as a piece of engineering, superb. Great boiler, great hot water flow rate and I love the technology inside it. The warranty is good but I’ve had issues with one of these I fitted where the PRV on the manufacturer’s end was leaking slowly.

Intergas Combi Compact HRE 28/24 boiler review – Which?

They went out to sort it under warranty twice, it’s been off the wall both times and now there’s a integras on the cold water supply pipe ur somehow is an “installation fault” even though it wasn’t there before they attended. Just started fitting intergas and found them great boilers which integgas work well. Always used the rear jig so far, and not sure about the way it steps in from the main boiler as it doesn’t look quite right although I’ve found them easy to fit.

Only used the offset flue so far which is fine but can see that it would be in the wall if the jig wasn’t used. Brilliant modulation and whisper quiet. Love the fact that servicing is a breeze and that heat x is absolutely brilliant.


Only because of the look I’d generally only go for a loft or garage fit. Great value for money but definitely some design and workmanship issues. Offset flue brings flue central of boiler but also leaves a joint partially in the wall which is obviously terrible for yearly inspection etc.

Had 2 in a row faulty straight out of the boxone gas tap and one fan. In my opinion if they sort the current issue this would be a great heat only boiler. Masterheat of Stamford – April 21, Steadfast boiler, that is very flexible in its system adaption capabilities. They are not pretty so best installed in an airing cupboard or roof space.

Try to avoid the using the Jig as they are awful things Not over keen on these fitted a few and found them ok but seem to lack that final bit of quality.

Also called out to a few on the past with issues and there technical was not the best which put me off recommending them to customers. A great boiler, easy to adjust to the dynamics of the individual property. Build quality, very few plastic water carrying components.

Easy to enter into engineers mode. A great all round boiler for the money. I’m not a fan of these. They feel cheep and that interface on the front is horrible to use. I appreciate the design of the boiler and like the idea of less parts but it’s not for me.

Hampshire Boilers – August 31, Best boiler on the market. Bomb proof heat exchanger and a rols royce to work on.


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