The book is written in the form of a personal account of Ouspensky’s years with Gurdjieff, and the ideas of Gurdjieff are presented to some extent in their. In Ouspensky’s ‘In Search Of The Miraculous’ the reader is introduced to the authors first meeting and following time spent with the enigmatic Greek/Armenian . Buy In Search of the Miraculous: The Definitive Exploration of G. I. Gurdjieff’s Thought and Universal View (Harvest Book) Revised ed. by P. D. Ouspensky.

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Knowledge based upon ancient methods – knowledge of the All, he called objective knowledge. However, the publisher insisted on adding the prefix In Search of The Miraculouswhich became the more commonly known shortened name for the book.

It is the power of esarch, the power of fantasy, which takes the place of a real function.

In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching

Ouspensky recognized this as one of Gurdjieff’s sources and used the title as an oblique reference. Otherwise from him will be taken even what he has already been given.

All knowledge can be included in the enneagram. Oct 16, Zendali rated it really liked it Shelves: Fate only relates to a man’s essence. Outside his repertoire, a man feels very uncomfortable. Physical body – a carriage. Page The plane is only a projection of a body, the line is a projection of a plane, and the point is a projection of a line.

Full text of “In Search of the (PDFy mirror)”

The three divided forces in the worlds of the second order create new worlds of the third order. Page Time is different in different cosmoses. Not only because the many ideas, of which I enjoyed the ones on psychology much more than the ones on the cosmic order of things.


It’s the single best book on Gurdjieff’s work ever written. The ideas are dificult for most people to acept and dificult tye those who accept to understand fully. He was associated with the ideas and practices originating with Gurdjieff from then on.

Page Everything happens; no one does anything. They are ready to waste as much as you like on their own personal fantasies but they have no valuation whatever of another person’s labor. Miraculoud practical suggestions on how to train your self to function more optimally while here on planet earth. Really helped me with greater comprehension and understanding of alchemical operations and self gnosis.

An “atom” of a 1st-order world is smaller than an “atom” of the 2nd-order world, etc. Personality in man is what has come from the outside, what he has learned or reflects.

Initially there were very few far-out claims, and I felt they were meant to be taken metaphorically. From this first threshold the stairway begins. Man, says Gurdjieff, ,iraculous actually not a man, he is a machine.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Page The seven-tone scale is the formula of a cosmic law which was applied to music.

Number 3 – equilateral triangle. Page It is necessary to learn how to save the greater part of the energy we possess for useful work instead of wasting to unproductively.

The seven fundamental notes and the two “intervals”, the bearers of new directions, give altogether nine links in a chain, three groups of three links each. A man consists of two parts: The book begins with Ouspensky returning home to St.


I am still reading it after twenty years. Page The divisions of the circle are also related to the notes and “intervals” in an octave. I really enjoyed the book, it was like following them on thier journey. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Number 4 – square. The first kind are influences created in life itself – race, nation, climate, family, and so on. Between “si” and “do” the second interval occurs which causes a new change in direction.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Ayocosmos or Megalocosmos – the holy cosmos all worlds, “3”. In the beginning, only very simple tasks are given. It is thus easier and faster, but also, in another sense, far more difficult than the traditionally recognized methods of self-development. Man’s name is legion. Open Preview See a Problem? Ouspensky originally titled the book simply Fragments of an Unknown Teachingreflecting his view that Gurdjieff’s system had to be “assembled” by the student himself, as well as his view that much of the original system was probably lost.

Page We have a perfectly clear example of the relation of zero to infinity. All great events in the life of the human masses are caused by planetary influences. This is because our minds are split into many different factions based on our feelings. The way begins when the stairway ends.

Fascinating, thorough, engaging and readable; but these traits are secondary.

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