IEC 60825-4 PDF

INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. IEC. Edition Safety of laser products –. Part 4: Laser guards. Sécurité des appareils à laser –. Partie 4. IECEE Certification & Testing | IEC Standards | IEC /AMD | General Information. IECEE Certification & Testing | IEC Standards | IEC | General Information.

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Avenue Marnix 17, B, Brussels, Tel. General requirements IEC The ANSI laser standards are primarily user safety standards. Products that contain a laser must be tested and classified to 21CFR.

Product standard to demonstrate the compliance of mobile phones with the basic restrictions related to human exposure to electromagnetic ice MHz — 3 GHz.

Requirements for Generic UWB applications. User Equipment UE for narrowband systems: Electromagnetic compatibility and Radio spectrum Matters ERM ; Radio telephone transmitters and receivers for the maritime mobile service operating in the VHF bands used on inland waterways; Part 3: Generic standards — Immunity for residential, commercial and light-industrial environments IEC Medical equipment containing a laser or an LED used for diagnostic and therapeutic treatment must meet both the iex standard and this standard.


Specific conditions for terrestrial sound broadcasting service transmitters Skip to main content. The manufacturer’s section is mandatory for all laser products sold in Europe. Generic standards — 60825–4 standard for industrial environments. The new standard has a broader scope than the superseded standard. Would you like to keep them? The ‘LB’ numbers and other testing requirements are specified. IECSafety of optical fibre communication systems.

Specific conditions for CDMA 1x spread spectrum base stations, repeaters and ancillary equipment.

15/30329816 DC

Specific conditions for analogue cellular radio communications equipment, mobile and portable 7. Specific conditions for fixed radio links and ancillary equipment This is the base standard.

Filters and eye-protectors against laser radiation laser eye-protectors. Requirements for UWB location tracking.

IEC – Safety of Laser Products Package

Equipment classification and requirements IEC Products are presumed to comply with the Directive when they meet the requirements within the usage conditions for which they are intended.

Generic standards — Emission standard for residential, commercial and light-industrial environments IEC Safety requirements IEC Assessment of electronic and electrical equipment related to human exposure restrictions for electromagnetic fields 0 Hz — 6085-4.

This standard applies to completely installed, end to end optical networks, and, it also applies to optical network telecom servers, routers, amplifiers, and subassemblies sold separately. Relevant generic standard s Note 2. Product standard to demonstrate compliance of radio frequency fields from handheld and body-mounted wireless communication devices used by the general public 30 MHz — 6 GHz.


Specific conditions for VHF radiotelephone transmitters and receivers. Safety of laser products — Part 2: LED light emitting diode radiation is included] where hazardous radiation occurs in the visible spectral range of nm to nm.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Specific conditions for Ground and Wall Probing Radar applications. Large data storage equipment.

Specific conditions for wireless digital video links. Specific conditions for radio paging equipment 7.

Generic standards — Emission standard for residential, commercial and light-industrial environments. Both the base standard and this standard apply to this type of equipment. Requirements for UWB location tracking Ground-based VHF hand-held, mobile and fixed radio transmitters, receivers and transceivers for the VHF aeronautical mobile service using amplitude modulation; Part 2:

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