Get this from a library! Hora staccato for violin and piano. [Grigoraș Dinicu; Jascha Heifetz]. Check out Hora staccato (Arr. for Violin and Piano by Jascha Heifetz) by Jascha Heifetz on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on. Check out Hora Staccato, Dance for Violin and Piano by Emanuel Bay Jascha Heifetz on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on.

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Hora staccato

In the DFW metroplex the audiences have still not learned how to get an encore – especially in Fort Worth. The Legendary Jascha Heifetz. Hora Staccato takes its name from the “staccato” literally “detached” style of bowing that it features so prominently — specifically a species of staccato known as the “up-bow staccato,” in which many clearly articulated notes are play in rapid succession without changing the bow direction.

I keep getting asked to play violin solo in public, so I need to build a repertoire. Remaining anonymous, at least for now, is sincerely the easiest at this point.

Hardly an artist gets out of Carnegie without at least one encore. The idea of teaching is wonderful but find myself in the “coaching” realm. I Like the Violin!: Pyrotechnics are an added bonus. I had success using my wrist rather than the stiff arm technique ala Heifetz, but that is reasonable as I use a Galamian grip rather than a Russian grip technique.

Schubert, Auber, Mendelssohn and others But there are players like Stern, who have made music specifically for the performance, that night. My journey to develop this bow technique is going to be a long and arduous one.

Jascha Heifetz Collection Volume 1.

Hora staccato, for violin & piano… | Details | AllMusic

biolin We apreciate al at the version of Heifetz but Hardly a player in any orchestra will criticize a 9 year old playing Mozart’s 3rd, but as for the string players, they can savage a middle-aged player.


An examination of some things, invariably technique on this forum, however wordy might be of interest.

Julius Baker, Limited Edition, Vol. As for experimentation, many of us will redo experiments we’ve read on these posts, but knowing that there are others trying the same thing is comforting. Les Violons Stacccato. There is tremendous joy in seeing these master’s DO what they do.

Art of the Trumpet. Again, it’s too complex to discuss deformation and elasticity here, but a metaphor is being offered. Ma ejjel kigyul egy csillag az egen: But at many violin recitals, the audience can’t wait for the stale cookies. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Julius Baker Flute Recital. Le Maestro de hor trompette.

Isn’t that the job of virtuosi? Selections from The Heifetz Collection. Baiorin, I am fully aware of all the points you bring up.

If you need some info dont hesitate to write me at: S – its a play off of my initials, though the accumulated credit hours from music school and then engineering school are as much as a PHD would have.

There are certainly very patient, very diplomatic answers provided by quite a few excellent teachers. After a while, the violinist plunges into the lower register of the instrument to scrub away ferociously and the pianist is forced to take over the gypsy melody for a little while.

Posted August 26, The opening portion of Hora Staccato, filled with brilliant trills and witty descending staccato scales, is composed in wholly diatonic fashion and gives little hint of the wild, impassioned gypsy outburst of the extended middle section. If at all possible, imagine instead an assistant lifting the arm for you with a gentle lift of a hand or with a string wrapped around arm. The Expressive Voice of the Flute. I simply never bothered to do the experimention to make this discovery in the up adn down bow staccato.

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Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Not professional ones, but ones who for the sake of conversation will think of something to say. That elongation is really necessary for me to sync up with any accompaniment. Kreisler, Paganini, Schubert and others. Steverino brought up the concept of “fast-twitch” and it might be worked into practice, until confidence is established. Stwccato kids who don’t even have their driver’s licenses, race car analogies are rather abstract though they want believe that they KNOW.

Worth-Dallas Metro has beautiful halls and homes where one can here so many very fine cellists. I’m not stunned when people tell me how great Perlman’s encore was. They might be, at times, dramatic, but believe that those performances are authentic. Resisting a public voice has been easy because so many offer great information. Register a new account. Tomita’s Greatest Hits CD.

They let artist after artist come through here and horx not provide that one last curtain call to secure an encore – the frosting on the cake of having such artists on stage, and after a meaningful performance there’s no harm in asking them to juggle a little bitand it seems the more depth of the performance and the staccayo, the shorter the applause lasts. As the hand will, everybody, now! The Dr in Dr S. When some argue that recordings are better than live performances, this x-factor can trump a recording anyday.

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