Web Dynpro for ABAP Tutorials GuiXT is a client-server based software technology that provides user interface customization solutions to SAP applications. SAP GUIXT is a tool provided with SAP that enables firms to tailor SAP transaction. This tutorial teaches about the GUIXT tool only. It is to be noted that these scripts run on individual machines. That means on each user machine, we have to. You will need about 1 hour for the tutorial. You will then be familiar with the essential GuiXT functions and possibilities. SAP standard, without GuiXT.

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Forrest Horner, County of Sacramento Description: Liquid UI Developer Toolkit.

GUIXT Tutorial

Speeding up core business processes is critical to the success of your business. For example, MM02 has gone from 3 screens, 28 tabs, hundreds of fields, down to ONE screen and 14 fields. Reduce SAP errors, training time, and improve productivity! James Hospital and Sanofi Pasteur, among others-outlining the benefits they realized after implementing the GuiXT Solution Suites that fit their needs.

We will also show you how to connect to your SAP server and share some current customer implementations. Now we will proceed for enabling scripting on server. It opens a popup, where we have to define the locations of various scripts: For some organizations working in remote locations is par for the course. As a result, better communication is achieved along with more accurate and complete data.

All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Graphic Design by Round the Bend Wizards. Simplify your PM for work order management, notification, time entry and more. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Similarly there are Scripts 2, Scripts 3 and Scripts 4 boxes. Special guest Tom Haferkamp from REI will explore how to Minimize errors and avoid confusion by consolidating 20 screens to 1 screen, Enforce data integrity with custom validations and error handling, Deploy optimized, user-friendly interfaces for all users, Increase job satisfaction and flexibility and Save millions of dollars and increase your ROI on SAP, based on real business implementations.


GuiXT streamlined NuVasive’s business processes while building in FDA requirements and making the entire user experience much more pleasant.

Liquid UI for Excel.

Sample Specs What’s Hot? The history directory should be on the user’s personal pc.

Tony Vernon, Fairfax Water Description: We will provide demos specifically around SAP Plant Maintenance and SAP Sales and Distribution showing how the cleaner look is simplier to use, yet powerful enough to use across your organization for any role, any module, anywhere, even for high volume transactions on an iOS or Android device for hundreds of users.

In Tutoril 3 of this Technical Webinar series, you will learn in addition tutorkal our “record to script capability”how WS Scripting, which is fully compatible with industry-standard ECMA-compliant JavaScript, has been extended to provide a richer language and modeling construct to support advanced application integration scenarios for SAP GUI or mobile devices.

Siemens is now tuixt to TECO a project with just one click, instead of 70 mouse clicks.

GuiXT by Synactive

Sample Specs What’s Hot? Tony Holland, Synactive’s Technical Solutions Manager will show you the benefits of GuiXT technology and how guit has enabled hundreds of our customers to quickly, easily, and inexpensively customize SAP applications to fit their specific needs-making transaction screens more intuitive.

How are you tutorual that your system is error-free and is optimized for employees to use? There’s an amazing solution that will let you hide fields and aggregate screens to enhance your user experience.

Altair Advanced Industries is a manufacturing organization that serves all Alpha Group companies across the U. Click on the profile button on the GuiXT tool: Every effort is made to ensure content integrity.

Efficient Sales and Distribution. Marin Municipal Water District: This application is available as a trial version that provides sample scripts to help you get started. Liquid UI for iOS. huixt


The most cumbersome out-of-the-box process was the Engineering Change Management process and FDA regulations put NuVasive under additional requirements. Liquid UI for Handheld Scanguns.

Go mobile with your SAP in 5 minutes! In this 30 minute session, we will walk you through how to download and apply your trial license.

– Getting started with GUIXT

The Liquid UI Platform is a powerful set of tools and runtime components that is based on our unique patented technology for connecting to SAP, a bit multi-threaded, cross plaform engine, and a Web Scripting WS language which is used to create simplified transaction-based applications for the desktop, mobile touchpoints like iOS, browsers e. They have streamlined their manufacturing flow with bar code scanning that has dramatically reduced transaction time and errors.

To enable scripting on the front end, use the transaction RZ Join us to explore how this robust, plug-and-play solution is tailored to the real-world demands of high-volume wholesale distribution, and is designed to boost employee productivity, reduce errors, and increase customer satisfaction! We can, for example, have company-wide scripts in Scripts1, and some scripts of our own in Scripts2. Tutoial standard SAP transaction has 25 screens and has hundreds of fields.

Let’s Start with SAP GuiXT

Whether your network infrastructure costs are high or you have a workforce that covers a large geographic area with spotty or no network availability, the GuiXT Offline Suite enables a seamless SAP user experience. He demonstrated how this solution was implemented and deployed to their end-users in SAP’s Warehouse Management Module. The first box is Scripts 1 box. For this tutorial, let us create a directory named guixt in c drive and place it in Scripts 1 box as shown above.

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