Petzl has made an effort to educate users, but the bad habits of devotees are difficult to break, and with the release of the Grigri 2 in Video by Petzl – The hand position we showed for belaying with the Grigri 2 in our March issue. Victim. GRIGRI EXPERIENCE. • Read the instructions for use carefully before looking at the following techniques. • You must have already read and understood.

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People in panic gripping the active end of the rope, which negates the braking mechanism of the grigri. November 20, Gifts for Climbers: The way Steve does it is not “great”.

It should be underlined that some of the problems with the Grigri took several years to be rgigri and there might be some safety issues also with the Matik. As I Said from the beginning, there are rope slip only for the hardest fall and in practice I actually think that it will never happen to me as i am so programmed giving soft belay.

Using gfigri mm gym ropes, it did not work as good as using thinner ropes outside. I guess you are talking about a GriGri incident and if so manaul edit your comment so it is not misunderstood for the Matik where I do nlt think that thing could happen.

Edelrid Eddy does all of this for half the price. I’ve seen climbers almost deck due to a “strong” grip as the climber fall.

Some ten years ago, at the time when we saw several GriGri accidents, 8a suggested a new method which later Petzl adopted. Petzl also grigei diagrams for rope installation on the interior and exterior of the device. One spot we’ve seen wear out first is the rounded surface on the top of the colored side plate.


Double Rope Rapping with a GriGri.

If you keep your rope and device clean, it should last several years. Climbing Bouldering to big walls, we cover climbing and mountaineering, ice climbing, gear, and all things vertical and grihri the grkgri. As I have said, the way Steve is doing it is great even if he does not follow the manual. From a minimalistic point of view, it takes less effort to take in slack and to feed out rope, once doing it properly.

Now, Camp has introduced Matik on the market. What if your brake hand is less than 10cm from the device? Someone once told me that the safest belaying device is the one you are most familiar with.

But if you have always been manua, an automated gearbox car, your left foot skills would be quite different View More Gift Guides. Compared to the basic tube-style devices manua, the GriGri 2 takes more skill and it’s good to first learn how to belay with one of those models. I don’t understand how it’s possible to unintentlionally let your climbingpartner fall while using a partly-automatic msnual device that in function and design is a standard tuber, your belay device of choice?

Feeding slack to a leader is smoother and easier with the GriGri 2 than with the most of the other assisted braking options. Once you get used to it, you may refuse to be belayed with any other device! Overall, the Matik feels better than a Grigri on ropes up to 9.

Two tiny flaws amnual you have to learn to overcome is that a thicker index finger can come in contact with the rope once feeding out, leaving a mark of friction.

Petzl Grigri and Mammut Tusk 9.8mm Rope

mqnual Do you spot the belay mistake in the Grigri instruction video? This device seems to have solved some of the weak points of the Grigri and, all in all, 8a thinks the Matik is better than the Grigri with ropes up to 9. And if you need to give a lot slack in a short amount of time, then the method shown in Philippe Vaucher linked video will be the correct way.


It does not get nearly as hot as the Grigri 2 once you climb many routes in a row in a gym, which actually can leave marks on the rope. It was smaller, lighter, and had a progressive descent control that allowed for a smoother lower than the original. Eventhough the statistic you are quoting is quite interesting, I think it is not such a strong evidence. We will continue our testing and come back with a more detailed report. Graham takes the relay from Natalija Gros Who to believe I have learned that you shouldnt grab the trigger for lowering with manjal whole hand to avoid to lower the climber too fast.

Once your partner stands on the ground it takes some time until you learn how to easily feed out that extra slack. Login in to contribute Do you spot the belay mistake in the Grigri instruction video? The GriGri 2 is a single strand device, so for grigti strand rappels, you’ll need a separate device like the Petzl Verso or Reverso.

Login in to contribute. Why should not Steve’s method be used by beginners?

December 4, Watch: I’ve experienced the rope running through the grigri both as a belayer and a climber. We preferred the wide range and smoothness of the GriGri 2’s lowering action compared to the other assisted locking models.

Most of the time you can pay out slack the same way you do with a tube style device.

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