Good Night, Mr. Tom is a children’s book published in , written by English actress, dancer, and writer Michelle Magorian. Magorian had a. A beautiful hardback edition of Michelle Magorian’s bestselling novel Goodnight Mister Tom. This edition has a stunning Puffin ‘cloth’ Classics cover design and. The colours of Goodnight Mr Tom. Michelle Magorian reflects on the inspiration behind her classic children’s novels, Goodnight Mr Tom and Back Home.

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I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, unless as a guide for how not to write a novel. It has aged extremely well. Oct 01, Sara Darr rated it it was amazing. Rodda rated it it was amazing. They also offer him a place in a children’s home, as they’ve been unable to trace any other relatives who may have been able to take care of him.

His happiness comes to an end when he is summoned to return to his mother in London and a life of abuse and cruelty. Of course he gained confidence, he was brilliant at everything he tried!

This was a grand, robust sort of old fashioned novel full of memorable characters and overflowing with rewards for the reader. With a later publisher description.

Goodnight Mister Tom

It does the book justice. I thought by the title and the cover that this would be a simple little tale, but it was actually very harrowing! She went mad, wanted him back, tied him up and left him and his newborn baby sister to die.

Willie didn’t react realistically to his abuse at all, I felt. Although he has never travelled beyond his immediate locality, he ventures into London and eventually locates William’s neighbourhood of Deptford and his home.


Nov 11, Elinor rated it it was amazing. Inside he duffel, Tom find a belt with a large buckle and instructions to use it on William misrer he sees fit.

Good Night, Mr. Tom

The hard part of the story begins when the mentally unstable mother in London claims her child back Timid, scrawny Willie Beech — the abused child of a single mistr — is evacuated to the English countryside. Re-read this as an adult for book club and it was just as delightful as ever.

And it is with very heavy hearts that Mr. With other sick and traumatized children who might not want to hear screaming.

Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian – Penguin Books Australia

An epilogue that made me feel warm and fuzzy. The last time I read this book -I think – I said that I thought the writing was quite flat and unemotive. Ein schicksalshaftes Treffen, wie sich sehr miste herausstellen wird.

Like Willie did at his birthday, but in a less annoying way. Open Preview See a Problem? Unfortunately this is the last time they see him.

Goodnight Mister Tom – Wikipedia

I love the way it steadily develops throughout the novel. However, this is an em Old Tom Oakley is a hero – he starts out the story as an old recluse – a man of the country who has isolated himself from the world since the death of his wife and baby boy decades ago.

Tom is traced by the authorities, who have come to tell William that his mother is dead, having committed suicide. Jun 26, Lisa rated michells it was amazing Shelves: Tom also insisted on bringing a dog into the hospital.


The author manages to make you feel the growing relat Such a wonderful tale of second chances! Heck-sensitive people in general. I liked it and hope you do too. It’s about magoran time long ago during World War 2 in England. This story takes place against the backdrop of a charming and quirky English country town full of colorful characters. While William has been away, she has become pregnant and had a girl, but is neglecting the baby. It is revealed that Tom lost his wife and baby son to scarletina some 40 years previously, and he has become reclusive because of this.

Goornight 27, Ivan rated it really liked it. If you haven’t read Good Night, Mr. It’s a book goodnighf changed my life as a child.

Aside from the personal story, the book raised a lot of questions for me about how the evacuation was handled. Not too long ago my son read Good Night Mister Tom for the first time, and at one point I heard him crying aloud in his bedroom. Retrieved 4 August As I mentioned, I read this book when I was ten and now twelve years later this book was still beautiful. This story has the quintessential feel of a children’s matorian.

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