Router Screenshots for the Goldweb GD-WND. View and Download Goldweb GW-WRN user manual online. Mbps Wireless Router. GW-WRN Wireless Router pdf manual download. Goldweb GW-WRN Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Goldweb GW-WRN User Manual. User Manual (92 pages). Mbps Wireless Router.

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Organization Goldqeb user manual is organized as follows: Chapter Description Chapter 1: Safety Provides safety precaution information. Precautions Provides a general overview of the Chapter 2: Overview wireless router, and the packing list. Use the type of power that user manual marks.

Use the power adapter that is packed within the device package. Pay attention to the power load of the outlet or the prolonged lines. An overburden power outlet or damaged lines and plugs may cause electric shock or fire accident. It is fully compatible with IEEE The following table describes the status of LED indicators on the front panel. Green WAN connection succeeds.

Green Blink Data is being transmitted. Green LAN connection succeeds. The path and effect of signal transmission vary with the deployment in a house or an office.

For example, the outdoor routr transmission distance for a certain confiugration Do as follows to manually set the network adapter of your computer: Step 1 Click the icon displayed at the right bottom corner of the desktop Note: Ensure that your PC is installed with a wireless network adapter.

In the displayed window as shown in the following figure, enter the user name and password, and click Login. Click the submenu to enter a specific configuration page. In this page, you configurxtion view device system information.

This page displays LAN statistic information, including sent bytes, received bytes, sent packets, and received packets. In this page, you can quickly complete the configuration of connection between a router and the Internet. The wizard helps you to create an Internet connection step by step.

Enter a secondary DNS server address if available. Step 3 Configure wireless security information. Authentication Set the authentication type. If Open System is selected, hosts in the wireless network can pass the authentication and connect to the wireless network without using a conifguration. See the following figure Service Type The service type can be set to: Hostname Enter the hostname provided by your ISP.


The parameter must be entered.

Set the dial type. If you select it, the system automatically establishes a connection.

Goldweb GD-WND DNS Configuration Router Screenshot –

If GW-WRN is disconnected from the network because of external factors when you are using the Internet access service, the system attempts connection in an GW-WRN manually set dialup connection after startup.

If you require this function, ask ISP to provide it. Service Type Set the service type. If you want the DHCP filter to take effect, you need to reboot the golddweb. To prevent data that complies goldweh the rule in the MAC list from passing through. The format of MAC address is xx: Step 2 Enter a network address in the URL field.

You can also set the individual protection switch. After finishing the settings, click the Apply button to apply the settings. In this page, you can enable or disable the IP filter, set the security level and the filter mode. You can also add the IP filter rules to the IP filter list. The parameters in this page confiburation described as follows: Field Description Connection Display the connection name. Enable Enable or disable the IP filter rule. Conciguration Port The port that a request is sent to.

Description Enter a description about the IP filter to.

Field Description Enable or disable the virtual server. Remote Host Set the IP address or the network segment of the host that can access the external network of the virtual server.

In this page, you can create scheduling rules to be applied for your firewall. Click Add to add a schedule rule. The table describes the parameters in this page. All Day — 24 hrs Select All Day — 24 hrs for hour blocking. After finishing the settings, click the Submit button to apply the settings. Uplink Bandwidth Enter the uplink bandwidth. QoS Policy Select it from the drop-down list. If you change the QoS policy, the queue configuration will be cleared.

This page displays information of existing QoS classification rules. Click the Edit button to modify a QoS classification rule. Field Description Enable Enable or disable the stream classification rule. Input Interface You can select it from the drop-down list: Port Web Service Set the port number for the remote access.


Users do not need to manually configure port forwarding for applications. The parameters in the page are described as follows: Field Description Status Display the status of time synchronization. Primary Server The IP address or the domain name of the primary server. The servers that are allowed to access the external network, such as Web and e-mail, connect to the DMZ.

The internal network is protected behind the Trust Zone interface, and is not allowed any user to access. The parameters of the DMZ Setting page are described as follows: The following table describes parameters in this page: The parameters of the Basic Configuration page are described as follows: Thus, hosts in the wireless network can access the wired network. Mode Select wireless mode. The parameters for Open System or Shared Key mode are described as follows Rekey Period The life time of the multicast key.

Usually, you do not need to modify it. The repeating function cannot be used with the Auto channel. Change your channel setting before you enable the wireless repeating function.

Step 2 Set related parameters in this page. The Wireless Repeater page is displayed.

Goldweb GW-WR151N User Manual

The parameters of the Ping Diagnosis page are described as follows: Number of Packets Repeat The number of ping packets. Timeout ms Set the period after which a ping packet configuratipn out. The conflguration of the Traceroute Diagnosis page are described as follows: Wait times Enter the waiting time.

Username The username for accessing the TR server. Password The password for accessing the TR server. Enable Interval Inform If selected, the system will notify users on an occurrence of interruption. After finishing the parameters settings, click the Submit button. GW-WRN To restore your settings from a saved configuration file Click Browse… to select a configuration file saved in your computer and click Upgrade to load the file to the router.

The router then reboots automatically. Click the Refresh button to refresh the system log. Failure to establish wireless network connection Because the router is beyond the wireless coverage. Because the router cannot be detected.

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