Selten sind Francis Fukuyama und Slavoj Žižek, Stéphane Hessel und Amos Oz, Srećko Horvat: Nach dem Ende der Geschichte – Vom arabischen Frühling. Buy The End of History and the Last Man by Francis Fukuyama (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Ende der Geschichte. (englisch End of History) wurde vom. Politikwissenschaftler . Francis Fukuyama durch einen Artikel und ein Buch.

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Others have pointed to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and the Arab spring as proof that ideological contests remain. It is still too early to tell. Bell had found himself, at the end of the s, at a “disconcerting caesura”. Archived from the original on They belong entirely to the realm of philosophy or religion, owing their birth to the Gospels of Philosophy fkuuyama Hegel. Is “western liberal democracy”, as he argued, really an application of the principles of the French revolution?

Another challenge to the “end of history” thesis is the growth in the economic and political power of two countries, Russia and China ; China has edne one-party state government, while Russia, though fkkuyama a democracy, has been described by some as de facto authoritarian.

Francis Fukuyama on History – Dictionary of Arguments

Some disenfranchised Muslims thrill to the rantings of Osama bin Laden or Iranian President Gexchichte Ahmadinejadbut the appeal of this kind of medieval Islamism is strictly limited. Popular disaffection with mainstream politics manifests as a rejection of geeschichte tribal, shouty style.


While declaring that the old polarities no longer pertain, all the main parties have shifted to the right. Other major empirical evidence includes the elimination of interstate warfare in South America, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe among countries that moved from military dictatorships to liberal democracies. Next came the triangulation of Tony Blair, his saintly transcendence of left and right; Barack Obama’s call for “a declaration of independence … from ideology”; and David Cameron saying he “doesn’t do isms”.

Brocker I VsFukuyama: Besides, geschichtd that is a fiction: His thesis is not to be understood descriptive but normative. Indeed, Fukuyama has stated:.

Various Western commentators have described the thesis of The End of History as flawed because it does not sufficiently take into account the power of ethnic loyalties and religious fundamentalism as a counter-force to the spread of liberal democracy, with the specific example of Islamic fukiyamaor fuiuyama Islam, as the most powerful of these.

Indeed, one of the world’s most dangerous nation-states today is Iran, gesfhichte by extremist Shiite mullahs. The National Interest His moral bent is strikingly similar but he does not identify with the founding fathers while espousing the same form of government to avoid petty debates. Registration is free and requires only your email address. The dominant civilization decides the form of human government, and these will not be constant.

Hegel saw the end of history in the establishment of a liberal state.

Apart from pointing out that capitalist democracies are still riven with poverty, racial tension, and the like, Marxists also reject Fukuyama’s reliance on Hegel. Yet the “end of history” dee the “end of ideology” arguments have the same effect: Please select an option. Fukuyama was talking about ideas rather than events.


Nach dem Ende der Geschichte

Is the left going to mount a coherent ideological challenge to the right, or are these just border skirmishes? To find out more, read our updated cookie policy and privacy policy. This theory has faced criticismwith arguments largely resting on conflicting definitions of “war” and “mature democracy”.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. According to several studies, the end of the Cold War and the subsequent increase in the number of liberal democratic states were accompanied by a sudden and dramatic decline in total warfareinterstate wars, ethnic wars, revolutionary wars, and the number of refugees and displaced persons.

In a Washington Post opinion piece, Fukuyama wrote:. Please enter your email address and click on the reset-password button. The same empiricism can also be interpreted differently than it was done by Fukuyama. According to them, Hegel’s philosophy was fatally flawed until Marx “turned it on its head” to create historical materialism. If we accept it as inevitable it will indeed lead to the end of history, in more ways than one.

It is consonant with the current discourse of the Pope on the European community:

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