hi there, got some time to spend for another build(and because weather is really crap for the moment to attempt flying), jepe mig 29!! the plan. Like all Version 3 RCPowers planes they have been designed for a quick build. This plane is no exception. Very simple and straightforward. Just be careful as. shipping 1 Piece 4CH rc plane MIG electric remote control fighter jet toy planes kt foam rc airplane with LED fast ship Enjoy ✓Free Shipping Worldwide!.

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HobbyKing Mig 29 – Glue-N-Go Series – Foamboard Kit

For the Nose gear, I made a 10mm mounting block and moved the retract forwards about 50mm and turned it around the other way. Wing Spar Luckily I had left the Wing Spar to ‘later’, so that now with the main gear retracting the opposite direction I could put the Wing Spar right after the retract unit, and sort of close to between the half chord point and the CofG point.

I will add a wing spar of course! You can remove the ESC and heatsink assembly by four screws, then screw the case only down, and then replace the ESC and heatsink assembly.

MiG Park jet – RC Groups

Dec 23, There is a bit more stuff to do mi-g29 probably about g more in total weight to go, so maybe it will end up about 3. With ball joints at both the servo and control horn ends. This is the whole length of the original plate, but also another 50mm more rearwards because the steering servo will have a mount added on that, rearwards of the retract.


You just need to decide if you want the benefits of Trailing Links versus Straight oleos, and accept that need for an ‘angle’ in the oleo if you use Trailing Link types. So that will mean it should remain over the 1: The stock FlyFly gear mounting blocks are a bit of a joke!!

Nov 04, Images View all Images in thread.

Making the EDF mount piece jut out the side would mean a lot of wood wasted. Pretty well only the size of the retract itself, and they will rip out very easily on any landing that is harder than a greaser! Images View all Images in thread. Basically it is all a VERY strong assembly in the nose now!

I made a pair of ffoamy. Ru, but i’m sure u already know it as u build yourself the mig 29 by the way nice and clever build!

I used 4mm piano wire, so that I could use the “L” setup method to mount it into the Taileron, but I would have preferred to use 5mm carbon fiber ROD Last edited by gianni sanchez; Nov 06, at It will be interesting to see in this Mig because the fans are ‘free standing’ just like in a test bed – seeing it has 90mm ducting. For the 70mm fan setup, they will have mounts that place them centrally in the 90mm bays and allow ‘blow past’ of any excess airflow coming down the inlets.


For the plywood Fuselage ‘rails’ plates I decided to make them standalone from being combined with the EDF mounts, to save wood. It makes putting the batteries ion very easy But, maybe I will take-off from grass too But i Think this is the price to pay to get this one not boring And don t worry buddy i have some pretty efficient eyes!!


I set it up for the Trailing Link type, but the looks do irk me Sep 11, The mm x 8mm carbon fiber tube fooamy out close to mm into each wing – plenty. And I decided the 4mm piano wire way would work totally fine anyway. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. I decided – at that time – that I would make one as ‘full house’ – the original No. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

I want to keep it under 3.

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