Revista surgida em abril de , entre Orpheu () e Portugal Futurista ( ), fundada por Augusto Santa-Rita, Pedro Meneses (pseudónimo de Alfredo . Acest pin a fost descoperit de Sweet Escape Blog. Descoperă (și salvează!) Pinuri pe Pinterest!. Edição Crítica da obra completa de Fernando Pessoa. §2. . Preface by Fernando Pessoa, A factless Autobiography and A disquiet An- Cartea Nelinistirii.

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And still nowadays, in times of hypertext, blogs and flash-effects, these classic attributes dominate the book market, even in case of a work that actually denied them.

challenging modernism fernando pessoa and the book of disquiet

But Castro caetea this term immediately: Critical editions demand editorial interventions http: This fwrnando between the elements that permit editors to 1 Cf. In the first he writes: There is one interesting reference to one of his contemporaries: Ever since my first encounter with the book I was enchanted by it and it never stopped appealing to me as a scholar, a reader and a person.

The same can be said of the fragment. First of all, the publication puts an end to a long process of taking notes, developing plots, inventing characters, phrasing and rephrasing, changing words and moving text blocs. But in he kept receiving new fragments of the book, some written by hand in pencil and therefore very hard to decipher.

The EC however, with its governemental mandate, its team of various academic scholars and its scientific approach, obviously prevails above other commercial initiatives. The first, comprehensive and durative, is the model par excellence of the Holy Book: Making your own pick out of the given alternatives is tempting but because of the occasionally big differences between originals and alternatives, a risky affair: Autobiographical texts, notes, poems, stories?


challenging modernism fernando pessoa and the book of disquiet

Many, many other professors and colleagues have being supportive throughout my academic pursuits: Paulismo belongs to a current of which symbolism was the first clear manifestation. For the innovative lessons these documents learn us in relation to document X [the first print, MS] he refers to the apparatus. Fernnado evaluation of the first fair copy as nothing but neliinistirii stage in textual development corresponds to recent French theory in 59 genetic criticism.

In a letter to Adolfo Casais-Monteiro — 13 january O meu amigo sabe que nada mais estimo do que absoluta franqueza nestes assuntos.

Paes preferred an edition that offers a large scope, as large as possible, of fragments that belong or could belong to Disquiet, which Cunha has done.

In the first part of the thesis I will discuss abundantly the difficulties of editing Disquiet. This way of publishing the fragments eliminated from the start any possibility of pessla edition to get some authority. On Disquiet, Pessoa wrote further in the same letter: Detesting both, I choose neither, but since I must on occasion either dream or act, I mix the two things together.

This apparatus is incomplete.


The one being the chronologically ordered, teleological project of Cunha backed up by Lind, Quadros, Sena, Pizarro, Rubim and Paes and the other being the thematically or at the most partly chronologically ordered, fragmentary project of Zenith backed up by Coelho and Martins. Times were great for this new field of research.

Cartea Nelinistirii Quotes (1 quote)

Thomas Tanselle, academic heir of the Greg-Bowers legacy, refuted this criticism by pointing out that the question of authorial intention is only being asked in relation to what materially has been written and not to the meaning of the text Mathijsen McKenzie and Donald Reiman admitted the role of editors, publishers and correctors, to be at least as important as the intentions of the author.

In many, many fragments, all kinds of styles and various characters, Pessoa seemed to try to capture the soul of a restless man in a book. The unconventional copytext that resulted from this caused much controversy among Joyceans. Pessoaa, Wagner and Nietzsche were never far away.

It is not a straight line, nor is it a circle; it is instead a spiral that turns ceaselessly over, bringing into view a time seventy nelinistigii in the past and the actions of today. ZenithTransl.: oessoa

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