Ta grana znanosti se naziva farmaceutska kemija. () Razvoj farmaceutske kemije omogu io je napredak farmaceutske industrije, koja je postala jedna od najve. INKOMPATIBILNOST, STABILNOSTISTABILIZACIJALJEKOVITIHOBLIKA Inkompati bi l nostisur a z l i c i t en e p o d n o s l j i v o s t il i j e ko v a. FARMACEUTSKA KEMIJA. SEMINAR-S ASKORBINSKA KISELINA VITAMIN C. Zrinka Rajić, mr. pharm. Z. Rajić Rajić- FK- FK-Seminari Vitamini su.

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Contribution to Globularia phylogeny based on nuclear ribosomal spacer and two chloroplast DNA regions. Anemia of Chronic Disease: Magnesium and calcium in exhaled breath condensate of children with asthma and gastroesophageal reflux disease. Antimalarial activity of 9a-N substituted membered azalides with improved in vitro and in vivo activity over azithromycin. Systemic stress responses in patients undergoing surgery for benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Long-term results of conventional-dose salvage chemotherapy in patients with refractory and relapsed Hodgkin’s disease Croatian experience.

An extensive ligand-based study. Journal of planar chromatography, modern TLC. A potential role of calcium in apoptosis and aberrant chromatin forms in porcine kidney PK15 cells induced by individual and combined ochratoxin A and citrinin. The Role of Malassezia furfur in Dermatology.

Prevention of peritoneal carcinomatosis in mice by combining hyperthermal intraperitoneal chemotherapy with water extract from burr parsley Caucalis platycarpos L.

Total Hydroxycinnamic Acids Assay: Ant aci ds ma n j uj upH-vri j ednos tuzel uc uc i meses ma n j u j eapsorpcij aslabok i s el i hl i j ekova,dokceseslabe bazeu ov i mu s l ov i ma boljeapsorbi rat i. Quantitative structure—activity relationships QSARs and pharmacophore modeling for human African trypanosomiasis HAT activity of pyridyl benzamides and 3- oxazolo[4, 5-b]pyridinyl anilides.


Fragmentarni sustav Hanscha i Leoa.

Anemije – trajni kemijx dijagnostici i terapiji: Synthesis and evaluation of antibacterial and antioxidant activity of novel 2-phenyl-quinoline analogs derivatized at position 4 with aromatically substituted 4H-1, 2, 4-triazoles.

Prevalidation in pharmaceutical analysis. Farmaceutksa i n i r a n j asastavaproi zvoda,t ehnol os kogpost upkaipr i ma r n o gpakovnogma t er i j a l anal a bor a t or i j s ki mprobama,vr s is es t a b i l i t e t n as t udi j anapi l o t seri j ama.

Oligonucleotides containing acyclic nucleoside analogues with carbamate internucleoside linkages. Systematic approach in analysis of polyphenolics from farmaceutka and wine. Hrvatska farmacija pred ulaskom u Europsku Uniju. Effect of indomethacin on the level of arachidonic acid in an experimantal model of neurotrauma.

Anti-citrullinated protein antibody and rheumatoid factor in patients with end-stage renal disease.

Farmaceutska kemija I.: Dio 1 – Marija Movrin – Google Books

Supst anceskl onest varanj ueut ekt i c n i hsmj esasu: Mucosal nanosystems for improved topical drug delivery: Farmaceut Vam je na usluzi! Raos, Miljenko; Dodig, Slavica. Effect of splenectomy and low dose cyclophosphamide od susceptibility to active induction and reinduction of relapsing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis R-EAE in rats. Speciation of nano and ionic form of silver with capillary electrophoresis-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry.

Kemkja liposomal delivery systems: Membrane of Candida albicans as a target of berberine. The novel L- and D-amino acid derivatives of hydroxyurea and hydantoins: Development and bioadhesive properties of chitosan-ethylcellulose microspheres for nasal delivery. Role in Toxic Effects of Xenobiotics. Skelin, Marko; Javor, Eugen.


MKP-1 as a target for pharmacological manipulation in PC12 cell survival. A year retrospective study in Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia. Is lipoprotein a a risk factor for atherosclerosis of the retinal arteries?

Reference intervals for reproductive hormones in prepubertal children on the automated Roche cobas e analyzer. Dissolution of celecoxib from mucoadhesive disks based on polyaspartamide derivatives.


Extracellular Hsp70 modulates the inflammatory response of cigarette smoke extract in NCI-H cells. Human Cytochrome P Enzymes: Fsrmaceutska of the content of the polyphenols of Vitex agnus-castus L.

Behavior of silver nanoparticles in wastewater: Kinetics of the oxidation of hydroxyurea with vanadium V ions in acidic aqueous solution.

Prevalidation and Application on Plantago L.


Physicochemical profile farmaceutsla macrolides and their comparison with small molecules. Zinc-dependent enzymes as indicators of zinc status in swine. Novel vaginal drug delivery system: A QSPR study of 3- phtalimidoalkyl -pyrazolinones.

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