Discover Carl Orff & Ladislav Šíp’s track Estuans Interius. Complete your Carl Orff & Ladislav Šíp record collection. Shop new and used Vinyl and CDs. “Estuans interius” by Synergy & Australian Virtuosi & Antony Walker & Jonathan Summers on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now. Estuans interius; Olim lacus colueram (No violins used); Ego sum abbas ( Only percussion and brass with chorus); In taberna quando sumus. III.

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Sed in ludo qui morantur, But of those who gamble, ex his quidam denudantur some are stripped bare, quidam ibi vestiuntur, some win their clothes here, quidam saccis induuntur.

Feror ego veluti I am carried along sine nauta navis, like eatuans ship without a steersman, ut per vias aeris and in the paths of the air vaga fertur avis; like a light, hovering bird; non me tenent vincula, chains cannot hold me, non me tenet clavis, keys cannot imprison me, quero mihi similes I look for people like me et adiungor pravis.

Parum sexcente nummate Six hundred pennies would hardly durant, cum immoderate suffice, if everyone bibunt omnes sine meta. Fstuans Orff Carmina Burana Lyrics. Chume, chum, geselle min Chume, chum, geselle min, Come, come, my love, ih enbite harte din, I long for you, ih enbite harte din, I long for you, chume, chum, geselle min.

In Fortune solio On Fortune’s throne sederam elatus, I used to sit raised up, prosperitatis vario crowned with flore coronatus; the many-coloured flowers of prosperity; quicquid enim florui though I may have flourished felix et beatus, happy and blessed, nunc a summo corrui now I fall from the peak gloria privatus.

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Tempus est iocundum 2 pianos, percussion and all vocalists except tenor Iuvenes, iuvencule Young men and women coniunguntur merito. Omnia sol temperat The sun warms everything Omnia sol temperat The sun warms everything, purus et subtilis, pure and gentle, novo mundo reserat once again it reveals to the world faciem Aprilis, April’s face, ad amorem properat the soul of man animus herilis is urged towards love et iocundis imperat and joys are governed deus puerilis.


Baritone Oh, oh, oh, Oh!

Pulchra tibi facies Beautiful is your face, oculorum acies, the gleam of your eye, capillorum series, your braided hair, o quam clara species! O Fortuna O Fortune O Fortuna, O Fortune, velut luna like the moon statu variabilis, you are changeable, semper crescis ever waxing aut decrescis; and waning; vita detestabilis hateful life nunc obdurat first oppresses et tunc curat and then soothes ludo mentis aciem, as fancy takes it; egestatem, poverty potestatem and power dissolvit ut glaciem.

In taberna quando sumus III.

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Ibi nullus timet mortem Here no-one fears death, sed pro Baccho mittunt sortem: In taberna quando sumus When we are in the tavern In taberna quando intrrius When we are in the tavern, non curamus quid sit humus, we do not think how we will go to dust, sed ad ludum properamus, but we hurry to gamble, cui semper insudamus.

Manda liet, Mandaliet, Manda liet, mandaliet, min geselle my lover chumet niet. Si puer cum puellula Ecce gratum Chorus Behold, the pleasant spring Ecce gratum Behold, the pleasant et optatum and longed-for Ver reducit gaudia, spring brings back joyfulness, purpuratum violet flowers floret pratum, fill the meadows, Sol serenat omnia.

Olim lacus colueram Mihi cordis gravitas The heaviness of my heart res videtur gravis; seems like a burden to me; iocis est amabilis it is pleasant to joke dulciorque favis; and sweeter than honeycomb; quicquid Venus imperat, whatever Venus commands labor est suavis, is a sweet duty, que nunquam in cordibus she never dwells habitat ignavis.


Omnia sol temperata 5. Who will love estuzns

Floret silva nobilis Small and large choruses 8. Manda liet Mandaliet, Manda liet, mandaliet, min geselle my lover chumet niet.

Stetit puella A girl stood Stetit puella A girl stood rufa tunica; in a red tunic; si quis eam tetigit, if anyone touched it, tunica crepuit. Let me please you! Swaz hie gat interis Swaz hie gat umbe, Those who go round and round daz sint alles megede, are all maidens, die interiue an man they want to do without a man allen disen sumer gan! Ego sum abbas Only percussion and brass with chorus Blanziflor Et Helena I go on the broad way after the manner of youth; and I entangle myself in vice, forgetful of virtue; greedy for pleasure more than for salvation, I, dead in my soul, attend to the needs of my flesh.

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Veris laeta facies 4. Baritone and Male Chorus Wafna, wafna! Circa mea pectora Amor volat undique Sors salutis Fate is against me et virtutis in health michi nunc contraria, and virtue, est affectus driven on et defectus and weighted down, semper in angaria.

Circa mea pectora Cum sit enim proprium If it is the way viro sapienti of the wise man supra petram ponere to build sedem fundamenti, foundations on stone, stultus ego comparor the I am a fool, like fluvio labenti, a flowing stream, sub eodem tramite which in its course nunquam permanenti.

Si puer cum puellula If a boy with a girl Si puer cum puellula If a boy with a girl moraretur in cellula, tarries in a little room, felix coniunctio.

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