11 set. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Mar 1, , William Ospina and others published El surgimiento del globo }. : El surgimiento del arado y la busca de una nueva Ospina,William. Price: US$ Convert Currency. Shipping. Unwrap a complete list of books by William Ospina and find books available for swap. – El Surgimiento Del Globo O Surgimento Do Globo (Other).

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An editorial article introducing the theme issue of Dialog Fall Having pointed out how perusive the juxtaposed understanding of divine grace and human sin was to Luther and how divine grace to him is always imputed to take away sin, the article presents the six different theme Directory of Open Eilliam Journals Sweden. Sus requerimientos nutricionales para alcanzar rendimientos cercanos a 2. In Colombia, the increase of barley production is restricted by such factors as irregular rainfall, low temperatures, soil acidity, low fertility and disease, associated with improper soil management and scarse improve germoplasm, A suitable use of fertilizers is an alternative to face part of the problem by means of plant breeding in different terrain, tend to develop of low.

A response to Vorster.

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Full Text Available It is clearly understood that the main benefits of e-navigation are improved safety and better protection of the environment through the promotion of standards of navigational system and a reduction in human error. In order to meet the expectations on the benefit of e-navigation, e-navigation services should be more focused on non- SOLAS ships.

The purpose of this paper is to present necessary e-navigation services for non- SOLAS ships in order to prevent marine accidents in Korean coastal waters. To meet the objectives of the study, an examination on the present navigation and communication system for non- SOLAS ships was performed. This study will help for the planning and designing of the Korean e-navigation system.

It is expected that the further researches on the navigation support systems based on e-navigation will be carried out in order to implement the essential e-navigation services for non- SOLAS ships.

El surgimiento del globo – William Ospina – Google Books

Hindrance or catalyst for church unity? Full Text Available In the Reformed tradition sola Scriptura remains a central tenet in the search for truth.

Scripture bears witness to the variety of ways in which God has acted in history. The article focuses on how the Bible is interpreted differently by Christians from various traditions and even amongst Christians of the same tradition.

Different hermeneutical approaches, confessional traditions and cultural contexts lead to different conclusions.

Especially with regard to controversial ethical issues, different approaches to biblical reasoning lead to greatly differing results. The article reflects on whether sola Scriptura could provide a key to addressing both diversity and ethics more adequately. The SOLA -LOOP computer code for transient, nonequilibrium, two-phase flows in networks has been coupled with a simple valve model to analyze a feedwater pipe breakage with a back-pressure check valve.

Three tests from the Superheated Steam Reactor Safety Program Project PHDR at Kahl, West Germany, are analyzed, and the calculated transient back-pressure check valve behavior and fluid dynamics effects are found to be in excellent agreement with the experimentally measured data. Desarrollo radical y rendimiento en diferentes variedades de trigo, cebada y triticale bajo condiciones limitantes de humedad del suelo.

Solar Radiation and Photovoltaic Systems with R. Full Text Available The sola R package allows for reproducible research both for photovoltaics PV systems performance and solar radiation. It includes a set of classes, methods and functions to calculate the sun geometry and the solar radiation incident on a photovoltaic generator and to simulate the performance of several applications of the photovoltaic energy. This package performs the whole calculation procedure from both daily and intradaily global horizontal irradiation to the final productivity of grid-connected PV systems and water pumping PV systems.

It is designed using a set of S4 classes whose core is a group of slots with multivariate time series. The classes share a variety of methods to access the information and several visualization methods. In addition, the package provides a tool for the visual statistical analysis of the performance of a large PV plant composed of several systems.

Global Sustainable Development priorities y after Luther: Sola schola et sanitate. Martin Luther succinctly summarized his theology in sola statements, such as sola scripturaviewing the Bible scriptura as the only valid source of information about God rather than what he viewed as the extraneous, corrupting church doctrine of the time.


As a secular side effect of this focus on individual reading skills, the Protestant territories were the first to acquire high literacy rates, which subsequently fostered health, economic growth, and good governance. Here I argue that a similar priority focus on empowerment of all segments of all populations through education and health sola schola et sanitate is needed today for sustainable development.

According to decades of research, education and health are essential prerequisites for ending poverty and hunger, for improving institutions and participation in society, for voluntary fertility declines and ending world population growth, for changing behavior and adoption of new and clean technologies, and for enhancing adaptive capacity to already unavoidable climate change. This approach avoids paternalistic imposition of development policies by focusing external aid on enabling people to help themselves, their families, and communities.

Prioritizing education and health also helps move more industrialized, aging societies from a focus on material consumption to one on quality of life.

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Sola schola et sanitate suggests that well-being will increasingly be based on health, continued mental stimulation, and consumption of cultural products, rather than surgimietno fuels and materials. Thus, cognition-or brain power-can be viewed as the zero-emissions energy for sustainable development. In this report a simple, but powerful, computer program is presented for the solution of two-dimensional wklliam fluid flow with free boundaries.

Its basic mode of operation is for single fluid calculations having multiple free surfaces. In either case, the fluids may be treated as incompressible or as having limited compressibility.

Surface tension forces with wall adhesion are permitted in both cases. Internal obstacles may be defined by blocking out any desired combination of cells in the mesh, which is composed of rectangular cells of variable size. Its logical parts are isolated in separate subroutines, and numerous special features have been included to simplify its operation, such as an automatic time-step control, a flexible mesh generator, extensive output capabilities, a variety of optional boundary conditions, and instructive internal documentation.

Martin Luther succinctly summarized his theology in sola statements, such as sola scriptura, viewing the Bible scriptura as the only valid source of information about God rather than what he viewed as the extraneous, corrupting church doctrine of the time.

Thus, cognition—or brain power—can be viewed as the zero-emissions energy for sustainable development. Unidad en la diversidad: In this technique, a function F x,y,t is defined whose value is unity at any point occupied by fluid and zero elsewhere.

When averaged over the cells of a computational mesh, the average value of F in a cell is equal to the fractional volume of the cell occupied by fluid. In particular, a unit value of F corresponds to a cell full of fluid, whereas a zero value indicates that the cell contains no fluid. Cells with F values between zero and one contain a free surface. The fluid equations solved are the finite difference approximations of the Navier-Stokes equations.

Los contenidos de MO en suelos dedicados al cultivo de cebada maltera Hordeum distichum L. Las mejores mezclas encontradas fueron: The SOLA team is a multi-national and multi-wavelength collaboration composed by scientists with technical expertise in ALMA and in infrared and optical techniques.

The aim of the team is to establish a low-mass star formation scenario based on the Lupus molecular clouds. In this talk I will present our unique catalog of pre-stellar and proto-stellar cores toward Lupus molecular clouds, the results on our latest studies in protoplanetary disks, as well as our ALMA Cycle 3 data aiming at testing the formation mechanism of sub-stellar objects in Lupus molecular clouds.

We have observed with ALMA the most promising pre- and proto-brown dwarfs candidates. Our aims are to provide insights on how substellar objects form and evolve, from the equivalent to the pre-stellar cores to the Class II stage in the low mass regime of star formation.

Factores que inciden en la soledad residencial de las personas mayores que viven solas. Este trabajo tiene como objetivo describir el problema de la soledad residencial de las personas mayores profundizando en los factores que pueden influir en esta circunstancia.


Inmigrantes italianos en Argentina: Estrategias de cuidados de las familias con las wurgimiento mayores que viven solas. Full Text Available Los cambios en el envejecimiento hacen una llamada a trasformar los cuidados dirigidos a las personas mayores que viven solas.

Preocupa la manera en la que la persona mayor cubre sus necesidades.


Comparten la idea de que las mujeres mayores se adaptan mejor que los hombres a vivir en soledad. Las mujeres cuidadoras tienden a intervenir precozmente ante los problemas. Los hombres esperan y si pueden delegan. Los servicios sociales deben mejorar su accesibilidad. The background of this research is currently, business presence is increasingly important in the community.

Therefore, so many ways businesses done to satisfy the customers to get high loyalty of the customers. One way the Businesses do to satisfy the customers is by Marketing Mix Startegy.

The sampling technique used purposive sampling technique with a sa Synthesis of the works of geophysical electrical soundings carried out in the region of the anomalies of Yerba Sola Cerro Largo Uruguay. In this report has been studied geographical localization, geology, geophysics prospection, equipment and methods used and their results in Yerba Sola anomalies Province Cerro Largo and Fraile Muerto formation. Using intervention mapping to develop a theory-driven, group-based complex intervention to support self-management of osteoarthritis and low back pain SOLAS.

The Medical Research Council framework provides a useful general approach to designing and evaluating complex interventions, but does not provide detailed guidance on how to do this and there is little evidence of how this framework is applied in practice.

This study describes the use of intervention mapping IM in the design of a theory-driven, group-based complex intervention to support self-management SM of patients with osteoarthritis OA and chronic low back pain CLBP in Ireland’s primary care health system. The six steps of the IM protocol were systematically applied to develop the self-management of osteoarthritis and low back pain through activity and skills SOLAS intervention through adaptation of the Facilitating Activity and Self-management in Arthritis FASA intervention.

A needs assessment including literature reviews, interviews with patients and physiotherapists and resource evaluation was completed to identify the programme goals, determinants of SM behaviour, consolidated definition of SM and required adaptations to FASA to meet health service and patient needs and the evidence.

The resultant SOLAS intervention behavioural outcomes, performance and change objectives were specified and practical application methods selected, followed by organised programme, adoption, implementation and evaluation plans underpinned by behaviour change theory. The SOLAS intervention consists of six weekly sessions of min education and exercise designed to increase participants’ physical activity level and use of evidence-based SM strategies i.

Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Nacional de Trujillo. Full Text Available The main advantages of single-chamber solid oxide fuel cells SOFCs respect to dual-chamber SOFCs, are to simplify the device design and to operate in mixtures of hydrocarbon methane, propane… and air, with no separation between fuel and oxidant.

However, this design requires the use of selective electrodes for the fuel oxidation and the oxidant reduction. The influence of temperature, gas composition and total flow rate on the fuel cell performance was investigated. As a result, the power density was strongly increased with increasing temperature, total flow rate and hydrocarbon composition. No queremos una sola voz.

Se agregan varios temas sobre el cine. Multidisciplinary approach for the characterization of landslides in volcanic areas – a case study from the Palma Sola -Chiconquiaco Mountain Range, Mexico. The Palma Sola -Chiconquiaco mountain range, situated in the State of Veracruz, Mexico, is highly susceptible to landslides, which is evidenced by the high frequency of landslide events of different sizes.

There, landslide triggers are intense rainfalls related to tropical storms and hurricanes. Steeper slopes are commonly affected by rockfalls, whereas moderate slopes, covered by massive slope deposits, are affected by shallow as well as deep seated landslides.

Some of the landslides in the slope deposits reach dimensions of more than m in length and depths of over 30 m. The heterogeneous parent material as well as older slide masses hamper the detailed characterization of the involved materials. Therefore, in this study, a multidisciplinary approach is applied that integrates geomorphological, geological, and geophysical data. The aim is the reconstruction of process dynamics by analyzing the geomorphological situation and subsurface conditions before and after the event.

The focus lies on the identification of past landslide areas, which represent areas with high susceptibility for the reactivation of old slide masses.

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