Written in the first part of the fifth century, this work is a charming record of the observations of a Christian woman on a lengthy pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. This new version of the late fourth-century diary of journeys in and around the Holy Land known as the Itinerarium Egeriae provides a more. About Egeria. Egeria, one of the earliest documented Christian pilgrims, visited the most important destinations of pilgrimage in the eastern Mediterranean.

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And they, digging in that place which had been shown ot him, found a cave, which they followed for about a hundred paces, when suddenly, as they dug, a stone tomb came to light, and when they had uncovered it, they found carved on its lid the name 1 LXX Xoppde, Eng.

Egeria (pilgrim) – Wikipedia

This snapshot is before universal acceptance of a December 25 celebration of the nativity of Jesus ; this is very early and very helpful in cataloguing the development of annual liturgical worship. Thence I entered the borders of Hisauria and diray in a city called Coricus, and on the third day I arrived at a city which is called Seleucia in Hisauria ; 1 on my arrival I went to the bishop, a truly holy man, formerly a monk, and in that city I saw a very beautiful church.

So we began to go with him on foot through the very pleasant valley, until we reached a most pleasant orchard, in the midst of which he showed us a spring of excellent and pure water, which sent out continuously a good stream. Bradshaw is emeritus professor of liturgy at the University of Notre Dame.

He praises Egeria and identifies her as a nun, perhaps because she addresses her account to her “sorores” Latin for “sisters” at home. This also is the same valley at the head of which is the place where, while holy Moses was feeding his father-in-law’s flocks, God spake to egeri twice out of the burning bush.


The Pilgrimage of Egeria

Marcia rated it it was amazing Apr 16, On the same day we came up with the other very holy monks who, through age or infirmity, were unable to meet us in the mount of God for the making of the oblation, who yet deigned to receive us very kindly, when we reached their cells. The Oxford dictionary of Byzantium.

Fascinating for anyone studying pilgrimage. And when the people have entered, one of the priests says a psalm to which all respond, and afterwards prayer is made ; then one of the deacons says a psalm and prayer is again made, a third psalm is said by one of the clergy, prayer is made for the third time and there is a commemoration of all. It was necessary for us to come out 1 Exod. Between ” the city of Arabia ” and Pelusium on the sea coast she mentions only one place that she passed through, viz.

This is her own account of herself! But that special peak which is crowned by the place where, as it is 1 Exod.

Accordingly at the seventh hour 1 all the people 1 The Viary Arm. But before the dismissal is made there, the archdeacon raises his voice and says: This he has been very glad to do, and begs to acknowledge his indebtedness to his Grace for them, as well as to others who have con- tributed to the production of the book in its present form, and in particular to the Rev. For I hope that your affection will believe me [when I say that], as far as I could see, the children of Israel marched in such wise that as far as they went to the right, so far did they turn pilgrimafe to the left ; as far as they went for- ward, so far did they return backward, journeying thus until they reached the Red Sea.


He also built the baptistery near the Anastasis referred od on p.

From the door of the church 1 Deut. Mas’oudy, the Arab traveller and historian of the tenth century, thus describes it: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Helpidius and commemorate holy Abraham at Haran. She has, however, made a slip in eheria him ” king of Nations ” instead of king of Elam: She then returned to Antioch and pursued her westward journey, through Cilicia, till she came to Tarsus.

In quoting apparently Numb. On the second weekday they go at the first cock- crow to the Anastasis, as they do throughout the year, and everything that is usual is done until morning.

Upon her return to Constantinople, she planned to make a further trip to St.

In short, there was not a province in Egypt except the Fayum, to be compared with it for beauty. Then he deigned to take us to the well whence holy Rebecca used to fetch water, 3 and the holy bishop said to us: This is that Horeb where was holy Elijah the prophet, when he fled from the face of Ahab the king, and where God spake to him and said: The oblation having been made there, we came to another place not far off, which the priests and monks pointed out to us, where holy Aaron had stood with the seventy elders, when holy Moses was receiving the law from the Lord for the children of Israel.

Thus the aged priest on Mount Sinai came out de monasterio suo p. Was this again the reading of her Latin text?

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