Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach. Few philosophies have a greater mutual suspicion and natural antipathy to each other than libertarianism and. In the afterword to the 30th-anniversary edition of his novel, Ernest Callenbach writes, “Looking back, it seems clear that Ecotopia was the. Ecotopia,” the ’70s cult novel, has seeped into the American But to Mr. Callenbach and many of his fans, “Ecotopia” is a blueprint for the.

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Books by Ernest Callenbach.

Stemming in method from “Erewhon” by Samuel Butler, the book, describing a 70’s version of an ecologically sound future, moves right along and is competently written. Don Milligan in the British magazine Peace News gave Ecotopia a negative review, stating ” Ecotopia is a shoddy amalgam of Swedish social democracy, Swiss neutrality, and Yugoslav workers’ co-ops cobbled together with the authoritarianism of A Blueprint for Survival The total absence of and failure to even consider the today taken-for-granted-of trend of vegetarianism, for example, was shocking.

A must read for minds open to fighting for and having a sustainable, enjoyable life based upon sharing and enjoying Earth. This is a novel, but its structure is a gimmick, really. Jul 23, Quinton rated it it was amazing. Considering that it was written in the book tackles substantial issues that are more topical than ever. Not to mention the tides on it’s way in. We can do everything we do now in more or less the same way, but we can do it differently and sustainably and green.


An intriguing epistolary novel, the combination of official articles and private diary entries give the reader the dual perspectives of the narrator’s experience in the environmentally-friendly state The downside of the revolution might have gotten more airplay than I recall, but that certainly wasn’t what has stuck with me after twenty-five or thirty years.

Revisiting the s eco-cult classic that gripped a nation | Grist

The Beacon The Weekly. Neil Schulman “Since this kind review of my novel was published in a new edition of the book — Alongside Night — The Movie Edition There is no cult of the presidency. I have mixed feelings about this book. The story is narrated by William Weston, a New York journalist, by way of his notebooks and dispatches — the first filed by an American reporter from inside callenbahc breakaway republic in 20 years.

The values embodied by those Ecotopians depicted in the novel reflect the values espoused by its author. That this was written before the pestilence of AIDS is obvious.

Because I could have been living in Ecotopia instead of reading it. It is unfortunate to say that the book has not aged well. Skeptical yet curious about this green new world, Weston is determined to report his findings objectively.

For the Oregon album, see Ecotopia album. He tries to combine the two when he can. But without these alternate visions, we get stuck on dead center. Specifically, the free-love aspects.

Revisiting the 1970s eco-cult classic that gripped a nation

This fool equates superficial sex to deep feelings, likens it to true love and thinks a strong, powerful woman would ‘tolerate’ being raped and is glib about itdisgusting! I might be mis-remembering.


A visitor from the USA. What’s not to like? But even today, the novel is assigned reading for college courses in political science and environmental studies. The book’s s roots show through in places, particularly in race and gender attitudes, but taken all in all it’s an interesting piece of work.

The ways and means of carrying out an eco-friendly lifestyle seemed very well thought-out and I often found I first learned of this book through something I had read by Kim Stanley Robinson, who refered to this as science fiction with a “green” theme. Net rated it it was amazing. Years later he came up to me and told me that he had re-read calldnbach as a “full” adult and he now agreed with me: Good points I recall: Glad you enjoyed it! The imbedded reporter considers this, believes it’s true the reporter was a personal associate of the U.

Apr 17, ryan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The citizens are technologically creative, while remaining involved with and sensitive to nature.

The ways and means of carrying out an eco-friendly lifestyle seemed very well thought-out and I often found myself nodding and grinning at the ideas. That probably wasn’t the word used at the time, but I never had met someone quite like David.

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