ebXML Architecture – Free tutorial to learn and understanding ebXML and its . ebXML Core Components – Free tutorial to learn and understanding ebXML. ebXML Quick Guide – Free tutorial to learn and understanding ebXML and its .

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The sample data and schemas are used to illustrate the functionality of the ebXML tutorial examples. If you have not yet completed these procedures, please do so before proceeding with this section. Delete the write node. Ebxmo Create Control wizard appears.

ebXML Architecture

Create a new variable named data of type RawData. Create a new variable named invoice of type Invoice.

The components we will work with in this tutorial includes the following:. Core Components Editor and Browser: In the next section, you change the method name, change the message type, and add an XQuery selector.

Tutorial ebXML for Implementers | EBXML

For the initiator side, service configuration information is added to the ebXML control that represents the remote service. Enter We encountered a problem while sending you an order. It either succeeds or fails completely. In the Utility Project Name field, enter Schemas.


Rename request as processOrder in the Source view.

Action element in the sbxml message envelope. The seller accepts the message and simply writes it out to a file. Based on this XQuery, the trading partner ID will be determined at runtime. Enter for the string parameter. A list of currently deployed participant business processes on your server and controls which are referenced from currently deployed processes is displayed.

If at any time you need detailed instructions while completing the tasks in the section, refer back to Building the Seller Business Process. In the Application tab, right-click on the Schemas folder. Delete the write node. This sets the participating trading partner id as a static value.

Lastly, you create two directories on your hard drive which are used throughout the tutorial to read files from and to write files to. In the Receive Data tab: Enter processOrder and press the enter key. Click Browse by the Name field. We will now configure the request node with the correct variable assignment. In this example you begin with looking at the initiator side of the application. Select the Transformation option.


The build verifies that the schema file is well formed. Remove the XmlObject payload parameter type.

ebXML – Architecture

Using this Test View interface, you play the role of the client, invoking the business process’s methods and viewing the responses. In this example, you learn how to use ebXML to send binary data between two trading partners through a Message Broker channel.

The seller accepts the message and simply writes it out to a file. The Add Service Profile window opens. In production scenarios, you will typically add a service and service profile entry which gives you control over the trading partner communication. Double-click on the write node. The XmlObject parameter type is added to the pane. In the Package Explorer pane, right-click on Schemas. WebLogic Integration – Business Connect is a separate application which enables you to securely exchange large volumes of documents with your trading partners.

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