If any person suffers loss or damage which is proved to have been caused by any negligent act or omission of Det Norske Veritas, then Det Norske Veritas shall. Document replaced. This document has been replaced by an offshore standard ( OS) in the DNV GL portfolio: DNVGL-OS-D All DNV GL service. Offshore Standard DNV-OS-D, October Page 4 – Changes. Amended October see note on front cover. DET NORSKE VERITAS.

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Last updated 18 December Petroleum Safety Authority Norway. Norwegian Directorate of Health. Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority. Guidelines regarding the facilities regulations. Re Section 1 Scope. Oos Section 2 Responsibilities 5. Re Section 3 Definitions 5. Re Section 4 Choice of development concept 6.

Re Section 5 Design of facilities 6. Re Section 6 Design of simpler facilities without accommodation. Re Section 7 Main safety functions 7.

Re Section 8 Safety functions 7. Re Section 9 Qualification and use of new technology and new methods 8. Re Section 10 Installations, systems and equipment 8. Re Section 10a Ignition source control 9.

DNV GL Danmark

Re Section 12 Materials Re Section 13 Materials handling and transport routes, access and evacuation routes Re Section 14 Ventilation and indoor climate. Re Section 15 Chemicals and chemical exposure. Re Section 16 This section has been repealed Re Section 17 Instrumentation for monitoring and registration. Re Section 18 Systems for internal and external communication.

Re Section 19 Communication equipment Re Section 20 Dnf design. Re Section 21 Human-machine interface and information presentation. Re Section 22 Outdoor work areas Re Section 23 Noise and acoustics Re Section 24 Vibrations Re Section 25 Lighting.


Re 3d01 26 Radiation. Re Section 27 Personnel transport equipment Re Section 28 Safety signs Re Section 29 Passive fire protection. Re Section 30 Fire divisions Re Section 31 Fire divisions in living quarters Re Section 32 Fire and gas detection systems Re Section 33 Emergency shutdown system.

DNV OS F 101

Re Section 34 Process safety system. Re Section 34a Control and monitoring system. Re Section 35 Gas release system. Re Section 36 Firewater supply. Re Section 37 Fixed fire-fighting systems cnv Re Section 38 Emergency power and emergency lighting.

O Section 39 Ballast system. Re Section 40 Open drainage systems Re Section 41 Equipment for rescue of personnel Re Section 41a Evacuation and rescue means for manned underwater operations Section 42 Materials for action against acute pollution.

Offshore class rule updates October – DNV GL

Re Section 43 Emergency preparedness vessels Re Section 44 Means of evacuation. Re Section 45 Rescue suits and life jackets, etc. Re Section 47 Electrical installations Re Section 48 Well barriers Re Section 49 Well control equipment Re Section 50 Compensator and disconnection systems Re Section 51 Drilling fluid system. Re Section 52 Cementing unit Re Section 53 Equipment for completion and well flow.

Re Section 54 Christmas tree and wellhead. Re Section 55 Production facility. Re Section 56 Load-bearing structures and maritime systems Re Section 57 Pipeline systems Re Section 58 Living quarters Re Section 59 Health department Re Section 60 Is sickbay.

Re Section 61 Supply of food and drinking water Re Section 62 Stability. Re Section 63 Anchoring and positioning. Re Section 64 Turrets Re Section 65 Facilities and equipment for manned underwater operations Re Section 66 Loading and offloading systems Re Section 67 Waste. Re Section 68 Exhaust ducts Re Section 69 Lifting appliances and lifting gear e301 Re Oe 70 Helicopter deck.


Re Section 71 Marking of facilities Re Section 72 Marking of equipment and cargo. Re Section 73 Lifts Re Section 74 Simple pressure vessels Re Section 75 Personal protective equipment Re Section 76 Aerosol containers Re Section 77 EMC.

Re Section 79 Pressure equipment that is not covered by the Facilities Regulations Re Section 80 Products that are not covered by the Facilities Regulations Re Section 81 Supervision, decisions, enforcement, etc. Re Section 82 Entry into force. The scope of these regulations has been limited compared with the Framework Regulationsso that they only apply to offshore petroleum activities. The second subsection makes individual requirements in these regulations applicable also for installations and equipment for conducting manned underwater operations from vessels.

For comments to the third subsection of this section, see the guidelines regarding Section 3 of the Framework Regulations. Definitions and abbreviations set out in the Framework Regulations are not repeated in these regulations.

These guidelines explain or provide supplementary information to definitions as listed in this section. Fire divisions — Classes A and H: The ISO standard should be used for standardised fire tests. Simpler facilities without accommodation: Integrated development concept as mentioned under simpler facilities without accommodation litera c, means facilities with gangway connections.

The simpler facility can, however, be connected to other facilities through a pipeline system. Not constituting a danger to other facilities as mentioned under simpler facilities without accommodation litera c, includes the meaning that fire on the facility does not jeopardise the safety of other facilities, e.

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