What is the canon for the creation of Anauroch? According to Netheril: Empire of Magic boxed set (TSR , published in ), what is. Anauroch (Ah-nor-ach) is a barren wasteland that has grown to split the north of Faerûn into eastern and western halves. Also known as the Great Desert or the. Anauroch, The Empire of Shade (D&D module).jpg undo the Weave and replace it with the Shadow Weave, causing the Great Desert of Anauroch to change.

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But it has indeed become a desert, as mentioned multiple times in the SCAG:. Was Tyche slowly being corrupted over centuries? But the line of thought seemed to be “let’s make it how it was before”, which I’m not too sad about either. Views Read Edit View history. But thats a longshot. These cloven, rocky spires rise on the east side of At’ar’s Looking Glass. The area was verdant during the era before the fall of Netheril, and was turned into a desert by the Phaerimm.

The lifedrain spell is described in the Ruins of Myth Drannor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But admittedly this theory isn’t drawing on much, and isn’t really following Occam’s Razor. However, my guess is he hasn’t answered prayers to At’ar in this period – after all, At’ar is merely a nonsense made up from encountered artifacts by the Bedine after their post-Netheril arrival – At’ar never answered prayers.

After information gained from Olostin, the phaerimm starting casting “magic drain” spells in the year DR. This article may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia’s quality standards. Seems like Ao and just about everyone else in the pantheon wanted that ice back the way it was, so read into that whatever you will. For whatever reason, it seems like the gods of the Netherese were purposely split asunder themselves, a few centuries after the fall.

Empire of Magic boxed set TSRpublished inwhat is currently the desert Anauroch used to be lush lands years ago. They are divided into a dozen or so minor tribes lead by sheiks, whose wealth is measured not by gold, but by the size and well-being of their herd.


Anauroch | Othya Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

On reflection, “the stubborn nature of Anauroch’s enchantment of barrenness” could be interpreted either way, and foliage does seem to come back easier than would be expected if the lifedrain was still going strong. Either explanation would see the melting the High Anaurodh ceasing with the fall of Shade, plus the end of any fertility magic they were working, so maybe an enduring enchantment isn’t necessary to explain the rapid reversal.

Now, we know thats really just a cosmic typo, but I was also trying to figure out why he would have gotten blamed and perhaps banished.

Pages 7—9 detail the secret of Anauroch; that thousands of years ago it was once a glacier that became swallowed up by the howling sands. The permanent magic drain spells began draining life energies as well, slowly killing everything within their sphere of effect. I wanted some clarification about the 5th Edition Anauroch region.

What is the canon for the recreation of Anauroch? Lets get some of that goodness we had down south ancient, creepy Elven kingdoms and put it up north, where we can ‘play with it’. Smile because it happened. I’m saying it’s too normal, qnauroch all.

Its heart is the Quarter of Emptiness, where not even the Bedine choose to go. Idea 1 is my best shot thus far after a couple of wines In DR, the phaerimm started casting spells in the land of Netheril. ZwiQ 7, 2 23 Chult works better as a ‘Isle of mystery’ than a normal jungle region because its WAY too small for that, an we already have jungle regions elsewhere now.

Within the ninth century of the foundation of the Netherese kingdom, they had already managed to create the first floating cities.

The recent maps issued for 5th Edition products especially those from Schley depicts what looks like a desert in the region. There was more rain here now, perhaps, and more vegetation, and the drifting white sands had settled to a dirtier hue of earthen brown, as renewed flora grasped and held. Do some of these areas come back with an even denser reptilian base.


Candlekeep Forum – 5th Edition Anauroch: desert is back or not?

This I foresee, and the Bedine will live once more as they had for centuries before the return of the archwizards. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. So the entire capital city of Samarach and some surrounding territory, half of Thindol, and the volcanic capital city of Tashluta and a lot of its surrounding territory went to Abeir.

In the current time, RAS describes it becoming a desert again and Mielikki–a goddess of forests–being pleased with that for whatever effin’ reason snauroch, the SCAG wnauroch that too.

Such a huge one would be redundant with the High Moor, though. Additionally, is there any clarification of what is canon for the 5e universe versus the fiction that is written or past edition DnD books?

Adventurers have come to Anauroch for generations in search of the magical might of fallen Netheril and the fabulous treasures of the Buried Realms. The Bedine, human nomads who survive by raiding and leading caravans through the hidden passes make their homes on the surface of the wastes.

Even in only a few short years, all the effort the people of Shade went to to make the land fertile is totally overcome. But the PCs have time.

Anauroch (1372)

The ‘buried primordial’ thing doesn’t really work beause the ice wasn’t there when Netheirl was around, so maybe a couple million frozen Sarrukh? Gyor Master of Realmslore Posts. I’m not a fan of explaining that with very complex things like continent-wide illusion magic as proposed though it’s inventive. I think it’s a great story point, not a setting flaw.

That would be good news for the phaerimms, except that the shades are their worst foes.

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