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Desika in this sloks says with a great sense of thankfulness that while he had swoonec away under the vast load of hi3 sins, Daya took pity on him and restored him to consciousness. This sloka describes Dayadevi as starting out in all glory in response, as it were, to the poet’s desire to praise her, expressed iitMie previous verse.

Full text of “Daya Satakam Of Vedanta Desika”

Further, adiyEn does not know about the Aathma and the tatthvam that Aathma is different form Sareeram and that is eternal and is a unconditional servant of the Lord. This fatigue removing pond to ward off the heat of the summer of SamsAram matches Your glories and is resplendent at Thirumala.

You bless those, who seek refuge in You with boons in this and the other world. By this glowing lamp, avidya ignorance is dispelled. Dhanam is of course wealth.

Daya g stos and takes a pleasure and pride in excusing and: The prAyscchitthams performed to expiate them are not adequate either nishkriyAbhi: This becomes possible for the Lord only because He yaavaan a compassionate and merciful Person, Desika vei xsally describes in this sloka how Daya is the quintesseru agavat-svarupa, and how Daya enables us to enjoy the qualiti auseelya that make for the redemption of human souls.

Bright and effulgent like daha moon, Lord Srinivasa bestows His loving and affectionate glances, and the result is that the man or woman who is born under such auspices attain salvations without much ado.


It is onJ Desika wants that a rare and important Siddhanta or cor ti he has come to should be properly understood and followe he employs this word. You grant them the everlasting bliss of Moksham, when they perform their Prapatthi. Thus the Shastras are referre to as a Lamp.

Daya Devi has no doctrine except anugraham avikalpam anugraham and nigraham has no place in Her list of GuNams. Eatakam Lord similarly is to be enjoyed by those who have sraddhaa or faith in His Grace, and who feel attracted by His beauty. The Lord is pleased with His efforts and You Dayaa Devi are the reason for all these auspicious happenings. Those with limited knowledge would concentrate on mastering the vedic sections dealing with insignificant phalans for their use.

Daha this sloka is described the tru state of a person who rejecting Daya’s help, craves for othe ends or for help from other quarters.

The other one referring to Shastras is as follows: They feel very glad and happy and admire Daya Devi’s inordinate skill and adroitness and look dayz her with admiration and esteem. Just as some famous oshadhis herbs bring to life those who are almost dead, Daya revives us.

Its attractiveness is dealt with in this sloka, and its superiority over all other pleasures, in the next one. Sri Ramaswamy Ayyangar cannot be for the admirable way in which he lias the slokas of Sri Vedanta Desika: Be he a dwarf or a patagonian he a get this fruit only if he bends vinatd.

More by R. Vedavalli

The Puranas have it that Anjana Devi mother of Aanjaneya performed penance on this Hill for getting a son and hence satakzm Hill is known as Anjanaadri.

Desika has cryptically put it here as ” Nityaa- poorvam.

It will be a nice subject for study by scholars and savants what the exact meaning and connotation of each of the four words Daya, Karuna, Kripa, and Anukampa which Desika employs in this stotra, are.

Here Desika has ‘deliberately employed dyaa 4erm-Saarngee the of that pcwerfofr bpw known as Saaarmga: So much for the sentiments incorporated 5 first half of the sloka.


Daya Satakam Of Vedanta Desika

The behavior of such a misguided person is like that of a thirsty one who considers that the cool waters of the nearby Ganges as irrelevant and chases after a mirage to find the water to satisfy his thirst viBhudha sindhousannikarshE vahanthyAm, mrugha thrushNA veechikAbhi: Six attributes or gunas are usually associated with the term ” Bhagavan.

So too mercifulness is the essential nature the Lord, and His ferocity and fury which were responsible i pralaya or destruction were sataakm induced dsya external causes su as man’s, ingratitude and insubordination.

Raamanuja Dayaa Paatram Gnaana Vairaagya Bhooshanai Srimad Venkatanaatharyam Vande Vedaanta Desikam Prostrations to Sri Venkatanaatha the Great, who is a i eceptacle dyaa the grace of Ramanuja, who shines adorned sataka, 2dge and Renunciation, or is an ornament to knowledge and rent ion and who is known by the honorific title of Vedanta Desika l iBefore studying the great works of our ancient Acharyas, we rst offer our obeisance to the respective author of each work, and tl ‘btain his grace, without which the meaning and significance of the wor.

This compassionate upakAram makes Her the Mother of the Universe. The Haarda roopa also known as Antaryaami roopa, is the infinitely small form with which the Lord dwells in the heart of every chetana, sentient being. Daya is available only to those who seek succoi at the Lord’s feet. Your glories are matchless in its auspiciousness and durability.

Some people build forts -and ramparts for their safety and live within them. The second half shows that the Court is a criminal court where i man is tried for offences alleged to have been committed by him, ind not a xatakam court where the rights of parties are adjudged.

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