Find great deals for Datron DIGIT Selfcal Digital Multimeter – Faulty. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Wavetek/Datron Multi-Product Calibrator .. The from Wavetek/Datron is a high performance, 8½ digit bench top multimeter. It can measure direct voltage. Datron repair. «on: January 26, , am». Hey. «Last Edit: February 02, , am by whatamidoing». Logged.

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A quick check of all cables to the main DC board showed one that was not connected and stuffed under the main board.

DATRON 1281 8.5 DIGIT Selfcal Digital Multimeter

Repair procedure is very similar to previous box. It is hoped that the capacitor replacement will cure the DCV Error as it did on the first meter. During reassembly of the bottom half of the meter, it was discovered that the Current assembly had some difficulty with the three connectors 1821 the front of the pcb.

I am reading No issues were noted with the Ohms assy. No repair required here. Option 30 — Current Converter Current shunt resistor network consist of separate set of resistors: The power input filter was also replaced as datton precaution.

DMM rear face Teardown Datron and lesser brother using interesting arrangement for primary power supply with two big toroidal transformers. There are often multiple errors. Just like 1821 first nothing else had changed so it will be recommended that all supplies be checked even if the manual states they are not part of the affected assembly. At least one positive lead is soldered to the pcb in through a pad but it is not usually shaped for the polarity square-vs-round.

A few solder joints on the board were suspicious and reflowed. Testing Steps If the instrument is smoking or has a bad smell coming from it turn it off immediately and contact us for further instruction. It appears dztron mounting holes were too close together and did not match capacitor pin spacing.


The digital board is removed by taking out screws from the datrln cover. Credits for storing these manuals goes to KO4BB. All supplies are close to as-found except the V supply. Conditions are for test are: Report as many as you reasonably can.

We will look into those later on, after repair. All the feedback is valued and can be added into article. Datron Service manual, Calibration and servicing. Other repairs The lithium battery was replaced with a TLP.

DATRON DIGIT Selfcal Digital Multimeter | eBay

Decision to make this article public was done to aid other owners of these precision multimeters from Datron. In no event shall the author, xDevs. Unit was received as advertised. The remaining capacitors had no additional gotchas. The schematics for both the inguard and outguard supplies were scanned. Gain resistors were already measured and with shorted relay contacts to make sure they are working.

It appears that the diagnostic test for the failing step is low by 1. Patent data Secondary outputs of this low voltage transformer are rectified and regulated with usual LDO s to provide clean analog supply voltages. In out units refereces were enclosed in black epoxy, and would be troublesome to remove from PCB for teardown.

It was decided to continue troubleshooting at this moment and replacing them would have been done later.

The Digital board has firmware version 3. Datron and lesser brother using interesting arrangement for primary power supply with two big toroidal transformers. Digital board, courtesy of www. This colorful 128 have all critical components for DC and main voltage reference modules, covered by black plastic covers. The board was removed and inspected closer under magnification. If the fast test passes, next run the full test from the test button menu.


Hopefully they will continue to work few more decades. Error was added after repairing Digital and DC assys. Meter was failing with error message — C03 immediately after daron on. Datron Calibration and service manual with schematics, Volume 2.

The old lead was left on the part and the new lead was soldered next to it. Run the fast test from the test button menu. The service manual includes diagrams of the circuit board parts involved with specific tests. Itron does not have any stock for the display and do not have public documentation for it.

All errors were now gone and a datton looptest passed after 24 iterations. The wires are a datroon short and there is some noticeable stress. This second unit actually happens to be the the first Datron acquired. After the first repair, it was determined to wait and see if the meter would still pass diagnostics based on the chances of damaging another part.

After reconnection cable, this error code datroon away and first Adtron readings were acquired. Other repairs The lithium battery was not replaced. It is the same make as the first but an adapter board had been designed with FRAM so it was going to be installed in this meter first after it has been tested.

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