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Bled es-Siba or Bled Siba Arabic: Bled es-Siba literally means “region of anarchy” as opposed to Bled el-Makhzen which refers to the region under the control of Makhzen. Morocco was ruled by the Alaouite dynasty since the 17th century.

Dans le Bled es Siba, explorations au Maroc,

Many Berber tribes were however, not submissive to the Sultan. This lead in blex beginning of the 20th century to two different regions: Bled es-Siba and Bled el-Makhzen.

The relation between the central power of Makhzen and the region of Bled es-Siba was more complex than a simple territorial separation.

Even though the tribes in Bled es-Siba were not submissive to the central power, the spiritual authority of siga Sultan was always accepted which maintained the existence of the central authority.


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Region of Bled es-Siba in gray between andas opposed to Bled el-Makhzen in red. Sibs Background Morocco was ruled by the Alaouite dynasty since the 17th century. Even though the tribes in Bled es-Siba were not submissive to the central power, the spiritual authority of the Sultan was always accepted whi Siba or SIBA may refer to: Moulay Ismail ibn Sharif Arabic: He was proclaimed sultan at Fez, but spent several years in conflict with his nephew Moulay Ahmed ben Mehrez, who also claimed the throne, until the latter’s death in Moulay Ismail’s 55 year reign is the longest of any sultan of Morocco.

The reign of Moulay Ismail marked a high watermark for Moroccan power.

Dans le Bled es Siba, explorations au Maroc, (Book, ) []

His military successes are explained by the creation of a strong army, originally relying on the ‘Guichs’ especially the Udaya and on the Black Guard or Abid al-Bukhariblack slaves who were totally devoted to him. As a result, the central power could be less reliant on bleed which often reb Though few historical records are left from that period, Western Sahara’s modern history has its roots linked to some nomadic groups living under Berber tribal rule and in contact with the Roman Empire such as the Sanhaja group, and the introduction of Islam and the Arabic language at the end of the 8th century AD.


Western Sahara has never been a nation in the modern sense wiba the word. It was home to Phoenician colonies, but those disappeared with virtually no trace. Islam arrived there in the 8th century, but the region, beset with desertification, remained little developed.

From the 11th to the 19th centuries, Western Sahara was one of the links between the Sub-Saharan and North African regions. During the 11th century, the Sanhaja tribal confederation allied with the Lamtuna tribe to found the Almoravid dynasty. The conquests of the Almoravids extended over present-day Morocc The Hague and Paris: Landmark cases in international law.

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