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Distinction is necessary between the following two fundamental cases:. Selbstverdichtender Leichtbeton — Technologie und Anwendung. Beton und Stahlbetonbau, Befestigungstechnik, Bewehrungstechnik und …, W. Issue Issue 2 The following caveat is essential: I,S. Durability in design, detailing and construction,S. This final carbonation depth will increase with the mathematical root of dafsth crack width, and will decrease with the root of the so-called inhibition constant the measure of the reduction of carbonation progress by means of hydroxide transport to the surface.

Microclimate and weathering conditions – an essential element of the investigation of historic structures. BauzeitungHeft 11, S.

Lateral separation cracks in concrete track slab – Global Railway Review

Basics ehft constitutive modelling towards the next generation of EN Eurocode 2. Long-term behaviour of ultra-high-performance concrete under the attack of chlorides and aggressive waters.


Materials and Corrosion, Vol. Constitutive relations for numerical analysis of stress-deformation behaviour of concrete subjected to thermal loads. Proceedings of the 17th Int. Prediction model for the degradation process of concrete due to the attack of sulphate-bearing water.

Pentetration behaviour of relevant nuclides in concrete. Magazine of Concrete Research 63Heft 1, S. After installation, it assures sufficiently secure integration of the sleeper into the concrete track slab.

Leistungsbezogene Beurteilung bestehender Betonbauwerke im Hinblick auf die chloridinduzierte Bewehrungskorrosion. Innovative Materials and Techniques in Concrete Construction. Die Frauenkirche zu Dresden. Schnellbestimmung des Wassergehalts 40 Frischbeton. Especially in conjunction with chloride-induced corrosion in a crack, considerable significance must ultimately be attributed also to the aspect of high anodic polarisation resistance.

Modelling of reinforcement corrosion — cracking and spalling of concrete. PACE — Experimental investigation of the crack behaviour of prestressed concrete containment walls considering the prestressing loss due to aging. In the flanks of the concrete cracks, it can be basically expected that the water saturation of the concrete will take place more extensively and over longer periods of time than is the case for the uncracked concrete surface.

Beton und Stahlbetonbau,Heft 3, S. Prediction model for the weathering of sandstone under ambient climate actions.


Lateral separation cracks in concrete track slab

Frost-attack on concrete — New findings on the mechanisms and prognosis of the degradation process. Proceedings of the 8th Int. Building in the context of existing structures — A future market – Innovative concrete construction methods — Opportunities for prefabrication? Symposiums Baustoffe und Bauwerkserhaltung – Innovationen in der Betonbautechnik, Comment on recent analysis of concrete creep linearity and applicability of principle of superposition.

High-strength concrete – Microstructural characteristics and related durability aspects. In the case of a controlled cathodic partial reaction as a result of oxygen diffusion, purely theoretical considerations would lead to the assumption under these circumstances that even an increase in the rate of steel removal would take place. Fracture behaviour of high-performance concrete. Modelling of carbonation-induced corrosion of concrete facades.

IMB-Veröffentlichungen – Veröffentlichungen von Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. S. Müller

Auflage, OktoberBeuth Verlag,S. Innovative solutions for the construction and the repair of hydraulic structures. Kriechen und Schwinden von Leichtbeton. Repair of architectural concrete and concrete monuments. Herausforderungen an die Betontechnik. Probabilistic service life prediction of hydraulic structures under abrasion loads.

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