Ehristºpher r-erk ins, readneu Tham Fasan, -uta Lauiker-. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5 . Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Product Blurb: High Tech Meets High Adventure. The future is what you make of it . With access to space travel, cybernetics, mutations, mecha, and more in d Product Blurb: New gear and technology for any d20 Modern or d20 Future campaign. d20 Future Tech is an extensive collection of high-tech items for use by.

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D20 Future SRD what’s not so good and what can be improved and how? Results 91 to of Originally Posted by C. If you switch to futhre size, this changes a bit: I think a good way to avoid excessive damage increases is to improve the damage die by 1 step per 2 Progress Levels. Originally Posted by Cergorach. I think so to, the problem being the equipment bonus to AC, the to low hardness and low hitpoints.

Chances are that no person will survive a direct hit by a mm cannon, but the average 10d12 shot is survivable by the average 9th level fighter or comparable Modern character class.


Doubling the damage 20d12 would make the average shot survivable only by a 19th level fighter or comparable Modern character class.

D20 Future

Personally i would find throwing 20 dice a bit problematic, 2d12x10 would be preferable maybe even 4d6x The next step would be to increase the hardness and hitpoints comparibly, thus doubling. Hardness 20 to hardness 40 and hitpoint from 64 to hitpoints.

But that would be a lot of unneccassary bookkeeping, why not reduce everything for vehicles by a multiplier of 10? All non vehicle weapons do not damage vehicles that have vehicle grade hardness and vehicle f20 hitpointsunless it involves a pc or important npc in that case every whole 10 points of normal damage translates into 1 point of vehicle grade damage.

This way all vehicle combat is resolved quickly and vehicles become a lot thougher as they should be. Join Date Aug Posts 1, Are you sure about the number? Originally Posted by Falkus. You’re forgetting the massive damage rules of d20 modern.

This will force just about any character to make a massive damage save. Nobody, even in Hollywood movies, shrugs off tank shell hits because of toughness!


If full-on, then realistic damage or just automatic srx should apply. So a possible workaround for heavy weapons vs d20 Modern heroes would be: If make save, then take small but still substantial damage 3. Make MDC Fort save.

Originally Posted by Knight Otu.

D20 Future (SRD) what’s (not so) good and what can be improved (and how)? – Page 10

I think you are using the 3. Let’s look at a warhammer, starting sized for medium creatures. Seeing how the D20 Modern weapon damage scales, I think they seem to use the 3. Tiny pistol 2d4, small pistol 2d6, medium pistol 2d8.

Originally Posted by Dismas.

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