The Compass of Celestial Directions, the Wyld, the Manual of Exalted Powers the the Eye of Autochthon that could quell the Wyld. The. Exalted of the Old. EDIT: For those who don’t know, the Compass is a guide to Autochthon, as I’ve still yet to entirely digest the Alchemical manual itself. On the. The Compass of Terrestrial Directions, the Scavenger Lands, the West, the East, the. South their world-god, or has Autochthon’s flight led only to his demise?.

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In those days, soulsteel was a minor curiosity, incorporated into a few Autochthon-forged artifacts, and would not be acknowledged as on par with orichalcum, moonsilver, starmetal, and jade until much later in the First Age.

Now, the gods of Yu-Shan must grapple with the uncertainty that has troubled humanity since its birth. Sunipa, the Eastern Goddess of War, took her position following the removal of the previous Eastern Goddess of War after the Usurpation, the wolf goddess Darunla, who cflestial supported the Solars.

Unfortunately, the greatest prize awarded by the gods during the Carnival is also the most dubious. It is divided into two largely separate departments—the Department of Abstract Matters, and the Department of Celestial Concerns. The war had taken a heavy toll on the resources of the Sidereal Exalted, and more starmetal was desperately needed.

The Hidden Judges of the Secret Flame p. No place within Yu-Shan is more than 50 miles from a canal, and throughout most of Yu-Shan, the canals are much more densely laid even than that. Most know their world is dying, bit by bit, simply because they see districts vanishing into the gloom, never to return again — or at least return in any form that anyone wants to see again.

Craft gods create only small amounts of these materials, which is heavily regulated by the gods of the magical materials.

The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol Yu-Shan (Exalted RPG) – PDF Free Download

As the gods of Yu-Shan focused more and more on their own self-interest, however, the Architects became increasingly aggressive in advancement.


To do so, the Bronze Faction brazenly assaulted Lytek, God of Exaltation, in his offices, holding him prisoner while they collected the Exaltations of the dead Solars that had returned for processing before sealing them into the Jade Prison. The Exalted chose mortal attendees based on merit, with a strong bias in favor of intellectual achievement, and directiins early convocations were more like the meetings of philosophical salons than the bawdier atmosphere of the modern Carnival.

She is directly served by six regional war gods occupying five positions—each position supervises a Regional Court of War that settles disputes among spirits in the region and adjudicates spiritual matters in mortal wars.

Many visitors to Heaven can lose themselves in Yu-Shan for what feels like mere weeks and then return to Creation to find months have passed.

Their interiors, however, are networks of spacious halls full of busy sub-ministers, complicated passageways, private offices and entire floors reserved for particular deities or for censors and their staff. The Shogun of the Department has her offices there, occupying the entire top floor, together with her direct inferiors and the censors.

Terrestrial spirits lack any access to either material, although while in Heaven Terrestrial gods are afforded a ration of Quintessence and collect Ambrosia from prayers directed to them as Celestial spirits do.

Minireview: The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. VI – Autochthonia (Exalted) | /var/log/orava

When the Golden Barque of Heaven returns to the Quay of Morning and dawn rises over Creation, all guests find that any wounds they have suffered are magically healed before they are returned to Creation. In contrast to GriFel, Jagalza, the Satrap of the Realm, supports the Bronze Faction only reluctantly due to the requirements of her compss, and she does little to hide her disdain for Dragon-Blooded. Generally, spells such as Stormwind Rider, Flight of Separation and nearly every other spell below the Adamant Circle that permits rapid movement are illegal in Heaven, as are even Solar level celestiql that are not utterly discrete in their functioning.

Quintessence, which is the form taken by all nonspecific prayers mortals direct toward Heaven, and Ambrosia, which is the form taken by all prayers mortals direct toward specific Celestial deities. They also began to allow a degree of direections based on mortal prayers, and, later, Immaculate Order petitions. Although some are more decorative than autocuthon, all aerial rickshaws are based on fundamentally the same design: Dissidents in other bureaus were similarly hostile to the Sidereals and their Dragon-Blooded lackeys.


Thanks to Andraste for the Void avatar.

VI – Autochthonia Exalted. In the Bureau of Seasons, truculent weather gods harried the Shogunate with crippling droughts and out-of-season monsoons before settling into a more benign practice of simply ignoring Dragon-Blooded prayers completely and providing weather according to the cycles drawn up by the Solars centuries earlier.

Birds and vermin transmitted the Contagion across vast areas, and even fish were susceptible. In the beginning, there was naught but roiling chaos, from which the Primordials shaped themselves into existence.

The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol.3: Yu-Shan (Exalted RPG)

The state of affairs continued until the Incarnae and two renegade Primordials rose up against the creators of all things and cast them out of Yu-Shan. The rest would remain behind in Creation to form the Terrestrial Bureaucracy, enacting the mandates of Heaven and keeping their superiors apprized of events in Creation. Interaction with members directiona other Bureaus is expected to be polite, but with an understanding that the Bureau of Heaven is the most senior and most important of the Bureaus.

The various functionaries of the department keep Heaven running, audit members of the five bureaus who are suspected of malfeasance, and maintain albeit often rather badly the diections of law in Heaven.

djrections Thirty-thousand square miles of Creation winked out of existence within just the first few minutes, assimilated back into the Wyld from which it had been conjured. Once the summoner commands, the cloud silently rises at least yards into the air and then speeds toward celestia destination. For the first few centuries after the Bureau assumed control, the weather and seasons were highly erratic.

A mortal invited to the Carnival is there because one or more gods have taken an interest in him.

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