Web view user interface delegates implement this protocol to control the opening of new windows, . Returns the height of the web view’s printed page header. In apps that run in iOS 8 and later, use the WKWebView class instead of using UIWebView. Additionally, consider setting the WKPreferences property. import Cocoa import WebKit class ViewController: NSViewController { var webView: WKWebView! override func loadView() { let webConfiguration.

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Using web view is not new.

objective c – Cocoa WebView get page number for printing – Stack Overflow

We had UIWebView for many years. This is a complete guide in Swift! Currently as of Xcode 7. We add it to the view, flushing to the bounds, using auto layout visual language format.

Because App Transport Security policy requires the use of a secure connection, or unless you whitelist it. Add the following to your Info. WKUIDelegate provides the method for presenting some native user interfaces see Javascript dialog boxes later.


WKNavigationDelegate track navigations from page to page. One of the most common header field is the User-Agent.

You can set it on a request object.

UIWebView – UIKit | Apple Developer Documentation

But a more convenient way is using webView. Or you can change it globally by setting NSUserDefaults. You can navigate the history with the web view goBack and goForward. To track the progress of loading a webpage, you will need to observe some key paths.

Add this in viewDidLoad. This is often omitted in a custom implementation wsbview WKWebViewyet it is very important. Here, we have a simple implementation by using UIAlertController to show the dialog boxes. In the code above, I have left out the not-so-important part of creating UIAlertControlleradding the actions, and presenting it.

Complete Guide to Implementing WKWebView

Universal links are http: URL that will open an app. They are similar pdint custom URI scheme to open app, but using regular http addresses.


Yet it was claimed to be untested software from Apple. There is no way you can prevent a universal link from opening an app if installed when the link is in cooa page in your web view. Google Chrome app is the same.

Branch provided a good guide on when universal prlnt will NOT open the app:. If a universal link sometimes did not work, then it is likely the OS has remembered your preference for the link.

If you want to exclude a path, you can use a NOT keyword. StringinitiatedByFrame frame:

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