CISSP aide memoire (e) v4 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. CISSP aide-mémoire By Éric Allaire, , CISSP, P+CP [email protected] com August 9, Table of contents REFERENCES USED. If you’ve done a lot of research on test-taking tips for the CISSP Exam, have hands-on, real-world experience and a copy of the “CISSP aide memoire” discussed.

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My ratings and insights are purely my own objective opinions and there will probably be some who do not agree with my feelings towards some of the materials which are often considered the gold standard in exam preparation. I can confidently cisps that it was the most intense educational experience of my life.

Speaking of death-by-PowerPoint, these tutorials are each roughly 90 minutes of pure computer-narrated concept inundation.

My CISSP Experience – A Study Plan Memoir

Make sure the selected answer answers the question being asked 6. I found that some materials that others considered to be a holy grail were a waste of time for me. Study plan execution was humming along nicely and I was in the final weeks before heading to Minneapolis but I was anxious because Training Camp had not given me the hotel information so I could make arrangements for airport transportation. My opinion was shared by many of the others in my seminar and we were very close to having a book burning with these overgrown paperweights.

I found the level of detail to be good, going into more depth than the VTE course, but not too deep. This book would be a great way to relax after a long day of studying and identify the same concepts you’re reviewing in study guides.

This helped me understand a few important concepts of the study plan which include:. Rather than attempt to break down every day I will simply give a rundown of one day was like, because from Monday through Friday each day was similar in structure with only the content changing.

Some of the attendees used the worksheets to test their comprehension, but I found them to be overly basic and not really helpful for my learning style. I liked it as a high-level review, but others have stated that it contains serious errors. Legal, Regulations, Compliance and Investigations.

  FMU 671 PDF

We generally went our own way and most folks ordered delivery for dinner or ate food in their rooms. I could have easily not used it at all and been just fine. I ultimately selected Training Camp.

I booked a course for late November in Minneapolis and continued my studies. Certainly a must-watch tutorial. There is no magic pill for this certification! So How Did I Do?

Passing the CISSP Exam

The idea of the cold weather attracted me since it meant fewer distractions and I find a walk in the cold can help me relax. Look for obviously wrong answers 4. At this point the Training Camp attendees completed the practice quizzes in the seminar manual and then reviewed the answers with the instructor, covering any weak areas and discussing the answers.

Travel Plans…and Turbulence Ahead! My rating of nine out memoirs ten shows my confidence in this resource. The last month before my seminar I read some high-level materials but by that point many of the concepts had become solidified in my mind so I did my best to maintain a good level of situational awareness and float into the seminar ready to knock out any weak areas.

CISSP aide-mmoire – Table of contents

Rinse and repeat Just as I expected, I was moving along at a relatively fast pace. The Daily Grind We covered the CBK domains in the following clusters, with one domain in the morning and then another in the afternoon: This learning style was reflected in my study plan, and I cover this further on in my materials review.

This is the booklet you receive as a Training Camp attendee. After reading through portions of this book commonly known as the AIO I could not understand why people were so enthralled with this book. I purchased enough dinner food to last me through the week so I generally returned to my room and stayed there for the night.

I found that my best bang-for-the-buck in preparing for the exam was Ciss; training and videos.

Building the Right Study Plan for Me. I welcome feedback and questions which will help me improve this memoir as a resource for those who are working towards the CISSP certification. Many have complained that these are too fast-paced, but I enjoyed them and found them to be a perfect tempo for me as anything slower becomes boring for me and then I have a hard time staying on task.


After reading through both this edition and the fourth edition I feel that if you read something in the OIG and need further clarification, this is the place to go. The Wheat and aid Chaff When it came down to it, I was surprised at what materials I found to be useful and what I found to be utterly worthless in my studies.

They gave me the option of moving to Bushkill, PA or Atlanta, GA during the same week, or I could slide to any other memoirf that worked for me. I found that maintaining a routine came in handy throughout the week, especially in the dietary realm.

CISSP aide-mmoire – Table of contents – [TXT Document]

I picked up a copy for clssp few bucks used and took it with me on a trip to Arizona, leaving me with plenty of time in the airport and on the plane to read through it. Having now completed the review seminar I can say this book was most on-par with the level of detail required when learning the CBK. Comments and other additions may be inserted, provided they clearly appear as such. I called my wife and other family members and shared the good news and then sat down with my box lunch the hotel had arranged for and watched some football to mellow my nerves.

This firm occasionally holds courses in the area and they had a competitive price which included the exam on the last day of the course.

I would have given this resource more than 7 out of 10 if Shon had let her co-workers do more of the videos — I found hers to be dry and full of indifference. Read the question, twice. I wasn’t renting a car since I was there to study – nothing else. My seminar instructor aice our class that this series of books comprises a large amount of the CBK.

These videos followed the VTE course in my study plan.

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