Welcome to CCNA Voice Study Guide, a comprehensive guide that covers . find on the exam, but they will help you to understand the material that Cisco. The Cisco Certified Network Associate Voice certification (abbreviated as CCNA Voice) from Cisco Systems is one of the three add-on exams to the CCNA. CCNA Voice Official Exam Certification Guide is a best of breed Cisco exam study guide that focuses specifically on the objectives for the.

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I’m the Boss of Me: At first I was hesitant.

CCNA Collaboration Study Material

It’s not typically what I write about on VoiceCerts. Written by a Cisco Systems Executive, I was curious how someone from my industry would approach career development. So, I accepted a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. Well, don’t run away. In order to be successful, we need to develop a cycle of continuous learning. Perhaps you enjoy studying for technical certifications and soaking up as much technospeak as you can – that’s great! How will you navigate your career, though?

Do you have the soft skills to be successful? We’ve all had different bosses along the way and each guided us in some way.

CCNA® Voice Study Guide [Book]

Love them or hate them, they all impact us in ways that we cannot control. Congratulations, I bet you didn’t know you were famous, did you?

Part of the Foice Press Foundation Learning Series, it teaches essential knowledge and skills for building and maintaining a robust and scalable Cisco Collaboration solution.

They show how to implement conferencing and other media resources, and prepare you to apply QoS features for voice and video. Each chapter opens with a topic list that clearly identifies its focus, ends with a quick-study summary of key concepts, and presents review questions to assess and reinforce your understanding.


CCNA Voice Certification Overview , Study Material and Practice Tests

The authors present Cisco best practices, and illustrate operations and problem solving via realistic examples. This guide is ideal for all certification candidates who want to master all the topics covered on the CIPTV1 exam.

Mateial my mind, this was indeed “easy” – it’s just one single exam ! I immediately received feedback that this exam was not “easy” in any way – in fact, it was difficult to study for it due to the maferial at the time of a Cisco Press authorized self-paced learning tool. There is a tremendous amount of information available – but how to pull it all together to really prepare effectively? I had already spent hours scouring the web to find resources that I matreial would help me prepare for this exam CIPTV2 based on the exam blueprint that had been released by Cisco.

However, even though I found tons of information on the topics listed, I still felt as though the blueprint was broad enough that it would be difficult to prepare fully for each topic listed. Simply put, what will I be tested on?

Materia, to be fully transparent, this product was received complimentary as part of the Cisco Press Reviewer Program Book Contents: Cisco has thankfully provided a migration path that let’s the effort used to get your CCNP Voice not go to waste.

CCNA® Voice Study Guide

It’s straightforward and only 1 test! You may be surprised to see that it’s not as hard as you thought!


It does not encompass all of the current technologies that are included in the CCNP Collaboration certification and as a result does not hold the value that the CCNP Collaboration certification contains. You could go into quite a bit of depth when researching the various features and interactions related to Call Classification, but my goal with this post is provide some useful reference material and get your studies off in the right cfna. Why is Call Classification important?

It has direct impact on the features listed below: Directory Number Call Forward Settings: Forwarding paths are configured differently for OnNet calls Ex.

Internal calls can be forwarded to a manager or team member while OffNet calls are preferred to forward to voicemail when the party is unavailable.

A toll fraud feature, this requires that an internal party be on a conference to ensure that the conference stays open. Another toll fraud feature, this prevents you from forwarding your friend’s calls to their family member in Costa Rica. I’m sure that she’s a nice lady, but your company shouldn’t be paying for your friend’s calls. We all have our own bookmarks, favorites and “hidden Internet gems” that we have found indispensable in doing our jobs.

I’m calling out to all of the voice engineers to share what you find to be the most useful resources on the net! Just share in a comment and I’ll categorize below. Thanks ahead of time for your contribution!

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