, people have purchased C Primer Plus throughout its various editions. Stephen Prata teaches astronomy, physics, and programming at the College of. In the s, there was a spate of books that taught “C” programming. Most have fallen into disuse, but Stephen Prata’s C Primer Plus. C Primer Plus has ratings and 21 reviews. Scott said: It’s a good Stephen Prata. · Rating details Paperback, Fifth Edition, pages. Published.

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C Primer Plus, Fifth Edition [Book]

By Ed SchaeferDecember 13, In the s, there was a spate of books that taught “C” programming. With more than half a million copies sold, this text deserves to be called a classic.

In the Getting Ready chapter, this text retains the classic edit-compile-link-execute cycle typical of command-line use. As you would expect from a beginning text, Prata starts at the simple program structure, “C” data type, etc.

C primer plus 6th edition programming exercises answers

This book has “Plus” in the title because in the later chapters, the author explains link lists, queues, and binary search trees — topics beyond the typical introductory text. For more information, see the table of contents. Getting the Source This book originally was published before any “C” ANSI standard existed, editionn the fifth edition’s examples are compliant with the current C99 “C” standard. Download the source for the book’s examples at the publisher’s Web site.


Should you buy the book? But if you are looking for a solid introduction to programming in C, look no further. This is edjtion fine a text for learning C as you’ll find anywhere.

Also, the C Primer Plus reference section in the appendix ensures that it probably will hang around longer as a reference. Am I guilty of prejudice because I grew up with Prata’s text? Still, I recommend this book. The Best Utilities Jolt Awards Single tags These tags can be used alone and don’t need an ending tag.

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C Primer Plus, 5th Edition

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