See details and download book: Review Ebook Online Bylem W Opus Dei By Bruno Devos Chm. Jak Opus Dei przejmuje kontrole nad Oświatą (szkołami) w Polsce po roku . byłem pracownikiem i się nie obijałem pracowałem jako elektryk na sieciach. Byłem w Opus Dei – Fakty, świadectwa, dokumenty. Uploaded by. Bruno Devos Bruno Devos – La face cachée de l’Opus Dei – extrait. Uploaded by.

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Opus Dei pozornie wspiera zycie. Opus Dei przy uzyciu szczepionek niszczy swoich wrogow: Organizacje Opus Dei wymienione wyzej walcza jedynie o zycie Katolikow. Organizacje te maja za zadanie zwalczanie przeciwnikow Kosciola. Dyrektor Roman Malicki lustruje mnie wzrokiem. Sei jego pierwsza parafia. Po konsultacji medycznej na miejscu dwie kolejne uczennice rodzice odebrali do domu.

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We also should be aware how we have and are being physically affected by those we entrust with our well being. An invisible doorway has been filled with obstacles impeding our natural progress and an pound socially engineered gorilla named eugenics is directly responsible. The information here has already inspired persons to be proactive in improving their health.

Others I know of have used the information in their community to help cease fluoridation. I write this not from ego but grateful my message was received as intended.

This is a win win situation. Better health and a more functional pineal gland, the doorway to our higher consciousness. In Galton theorized how the mating of perfect offspring would result in even more gylem individuals.

Opus Dei | faszystowska destrukcyjna sekta Opus Dei-atak na Polske trwa.. | Strona 2.

Meaning if talented people married only other talented o;us, the result would be measurably better offspring. By eugenic practitioners coercively sterilized about 60, Americans.

California at that time was considered an epicenter of the American eugenics movement. The Rockefeller Foundation is still a sponsor of such programs but is now more covert in its operations.

Bill Gates has since publicly made some very disturbing comments concerning his visions of fewer people burdening the global system. Rudin as the president of their worldwide Eugenics Federation. The movement called for the killing or sterilization of people bylen heredity made them a public burden.

So, very early on the elite globalist not only projected future population growth, but were willing to do whatever it might take to preserve the standards they set for living with disregard for their fellow human beings. The Galton Institute still thrives today as a think tank and is filled with its own inbreed elite leaders and pathological thinking.

Hitler had high praise for the eugenics programs and when he took over Germany the Rockefeller-Rudin Eugenics Federation became a department under the Nazi state. Hitler appointed Rudin head of the Racial Hygiene Society.

In effect, controlling everyone through mass-medication. By this method they could subdue the population in whole areas without the masses knowing any better. The various negative effects of fluoride on humans was also already known within the United States by Gerald Cox an industry researcher who was financed by the Alcoa Company and the Mellon Institute first recommended fluoridation of water in America.

Point to remember is that fluoride is a toxic waste product of the aluminum and fertilizer industry and ALCOA had tons of it which needed disposing of. Under the Nazis, the German chemical company I.

Farben was led, up untilby the Warburg family, who was also a Rockefeller partner in banking. Farben even if the United States entered the war. This business arrangement was exposed in by Sen. President Roosevelt took hundreds of legal measures during the war to stop the Rockefeller — Farben cartel from supplying the Nazi war machine.


Famous families in recent politics also held hands with Hitler, one being the Bush family who supplied steel to the Germans. But through behind the scenes maneuvering it was swept under the carpet to be hidden and forgotten.

Funny how the media forgets history when it chooses to. At the end of the Second World War, the United States Government sent Charles Eliot Perkins, a research worker in chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology, to take charge of the many I. Farben chemical plants in Germany. This plan was to control the population of any given area through mass medication of drinking water supplies. The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to edi and control and loss of liberty.

I was told of this entire scheme by a German chemist who was an official of the great Farben chemical industries and was prominent in the Nazi movement at the time.

I say this with all the earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has spend nearly 20 years researching in chemistry, biochemistry, bylm, and pathology of fluorine. Any person who drinks artificially fluoridated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person, mentally or physically. Both the Germans and the Russians added sodium fluoride to the drinking water for prisoners. When the camps were eventually liberated, allied soldiers found many of those held captive to be wandering around as though in reduced states of awareness.

Fluoridation caused damage to specific parts of the brain. In Oscar R. Ewing was a key figure in the successful drive for fluoridation of our drinking water. He was a Wall Street attorney and former counsel to the Alcoa aluminum company and was appointed by President Truman in to head the Federal Security Agency, the Vei.

Try and get away with wearing that many hats in government today.

Epub Free Download Bylem W Opus Dei Pdf By Bruno Devos | Ebooks Downloads Free Websites.

A man of many hats who sidestepped peer approval. Ewing and his handlers understood the big picture implications of a growing society which was then awakening and becoming a post war nation of ambitious clear thinking go getters. Yblem was appointed by President Truman, but was actually placed in these positions by the Rockefeller syndicate to promote fluoridation.

Opponents at the time in New York City handed out leaflets warning of fluoride as an aspect of the Cold War being waged chemically on America by the Rockefeller-Soviet axis.

After the war, people were fed up with confrontation and sought the comfort of normal life. They believed the US government would never allow such a heinous offense upon its own people especially after returning from battle to defend the nation they dearly loved. So, yblem resulted from the protests and leading opponents of fluoride were publicly ridiculed, disgraced and ruined.

Ewing next demanded that Congress appropriate two and a half million dollars for a campaign to dek fluorides use to the American public. Ewing hired Edward L. Bernays, was also the nephew of Sigmund Freud.

And this was published in I recently saw some old TV commercials of doctors smoking cigarettes and describing how smooth they were on their throats.

Few of us have ever been aware of the supporting role fluoride has played in suppressing our mental abilities and health in general. Before the Bernays campaign, fluoride was largely recognized in the mind of the public as the chief ingredient of bug and rat poison. After the campaign, it was hailed as a provider of healthy teeth and bright smiles.


Inshortly after two small scale experiments, one in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and one in Newburgh, New York, fluoride was introduced to most public water supplies of the United States without ever a single clinical or animal experiment to prove its safety. The few dissenting health studies and reports were squashed by the government and medical opinion leaders. Dissenting writers and voices were dismissed as quacks regardless of their credentials.

Only a few years earlier the AMA in its own journal claimed fluoride was a poison. It is a Hexafluorosilicic acid which is a silicon fluoride and most of the fluoride sold to American water facilities is supplied from China. In a Dr. She lost her position for publishing an article in a professional journal which specializes in dental issues.

Mullenix was highly regarded for her previous research regarding how exposure to lead and radiation lowered IQ levels in children. Within hours of learning that her paper was being published in the professional journal the Forsyth Institute fired her.

Mullenix may have surfaced a large smoking gun where prenatal exposure to fluoride resulted in hyperactive offspring. This raises a question which I am not sure has yet been addressed. Is there a correlation between fluoride exposure by a child bearing mother and the incidence of what is now being diagnosed as symptoms of ADHD? The Chinese have now done over eighty experiments that prove fluoride interferes with animal brain functions. I think you can start to connect the dots here.

History does repeat itself because it is so easy to do when you control information. Ina Massachusetts public water facility received a shipment of fluoride from China. It would only partially mix with water and the operators of that facility had no idea what else could have been mixed in with the fluoride. They reportedly had stopped using that particular batch of fluoride until the mystery was solved.

It has been proven when home tap water is boiled it actually increases the potency of fluoride up to 7 times and that concentration is then infused into the foods prepared with that water. In manufacturing, processed foods and drinks also boil municipal waters in processing. Tally up what we consume and at the end of the day it is easy to see how we can easily become polluted with fluoride toxins and children are at the greatest risk. Water samples from around the country were recently tested Fluoride levels were found to vary significantly and were much higher in poorly regulated facilities.

In early through an ongoing public grassroots effort the EPA reduced the federally suggested level of fluoride to. This was touted around in the press but should be viewed only as a token gesture to diffuse the growing momentum against fluoridation.

I believe this was meant to placate a larger public from becoming involved in completely eradicating fluorides use. There are pockets of success around the country to remove fluoride from water systems and other communities are beginning to also take such actions to remove this toxin from our their lives.

Fluoride enters our bloodstream through the gums and stomach lining. Only then will it then begin to be excreted from the body.

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