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Buenas vibraciones, de Lisa Kleypas Travis 1: Vibracciones banter between Ella and Jack is a real delight. I have no real complaints about this book or series.

View all 22 comments. Ella that chick annoyed me at times, not for reasons you would think. Not to mention he is drop dead sexy and unbelievably rich. The Wallflowers are four young ladies in London who banded.

Sep 04, Didi rated it it was amazing Shelves: It had everything I wanted in a contemporary romance and more, making it a definite favourite for years to come.

This was a great book to read on Christmas Eve. Billionaire Texas Playboy, Jack Travis, with his blackstrap molasses eyes, male confidence and possessive attitude is about descarrgar sexy as all get out. It took an almost fatal tragedy for her to realize she was wrong and finally change her mind. She had a normal but good life in Austin, where she lived with her boyfriend Dane.


There were sooo many instances where LK spent the time to kleyppas sure she got their chemistry right and I thought she did a wonderful job with this blooming relationship.


View all 6 comments. The Travis series is in my opinion a must-read for lovers of contemporary romance. How do you get me where I live emotionally so easily? For real suburban moms, frazzled and exhausted from looking after the kids, the fantasy of being far more desirable in that state than some skanky hawt supermodel dressed in barely nothing must surely strike some deeply satisfying chords.

Because it was cool? Buenas vibraciones, de Lisa Kleypas Travis 1: I totally, totally got that.

Even though he talked about some of that a little later, after he got together with Ella for good, it was too little, too late for me. It was cathartic to see her work through her issues, and gave me something to think about. A Wallflower Christmas Wallflowers chrisymas. Kleypas has given us characters to love and to cheer for.

I loved this book and I buenas vibraciones lisa kleypas descargar recommend it! Smooth Talking Descarhar displays real, deep and heartfelt love.

Lisa Kleypas – Mindenem a

View all 28 comments. I kleypax her selfish and immature. That said, I think it helped them to put an vibracionez to their relationship without any major issues. Ella stood no chance. But people are people, no matter what how much money they have. Through all this Ella is the rock, not responsible for the life of her sibling but she makes it her ownand comes in like super mom to feed and care for a baby.

Jack Travis was still one tasty treat! There were a lot more love scenes in this book than buenas vibraciones lisa kleypas descargar last two, which was great because Jack was quite a lover — nice and dominant in the bedroom just the way I like them.


I honestly do not understand what the heck is Lisa Kleypas obsession rescargar hunting and giving vegetarians a pathetic look in most of her novels. Although not as good as the first three, I found A Wallflower Christmas to. Ella and Dane have made their relationship about no rules and no promises to descargsr other.

They are reminiscent of childhood and security: Lisa Kleypas is probably ileypas of the few authors skilled enough in her storytelling to make me forget most of the time that these stories were all told in the dreaded 1st person POV.

Budnas was patient and kind with Luke.

I love the Travis family and all their imperfections and ability to fall hard for a special woman. Hannah is a penniless girl without a title, and Rafe knows that his father would never accept her as a daughter-in-law.


Her traumatic childhood has, however, left her kleylas indifferent to relationships—a protective measure to stop herself from being hurt. Buenas vibraciones, de Lisa Kleypas Travis 1: Buenas vibraciones, de Lisa Kleypas Travis 1: Red hotand way more numerous and inventive than in the previous books!

For the sake of telling everyone she had a boyfriend? El diablo en Invierno. Cross PDF every man downloads pdf files per week from the internet.

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