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With a number of components that can be connected, the devices can be optimally adapted to their respective tasks in every case. De-commissioning De-commissioning scrapping of the guiding system must carry out only together with the complete unit.

Remove material from the sensor and clean the lenses! Lay jumper according to the application The amplifier standard version with electric motor powered actuator is preset by manufacturer as follows: When operation at open unit is necessary, only protection class IP20 bxt present.

EKR with analogue sensors_百度文库

Close again the cover of the plunger coil regulator. Tighten the cable in the cable gland. Displacement of the web will be stopped. Remedy actuate shifting into opposite direction LEDs at the commander are blinking as follows: Complete wiring and close terminal compartment. Dither OFF hydraulic actuator?


Simultaneously, the OK-relay is switched-off. The machine must be protected against danger of injury according to the relevant rules and regulations! Both the fluorescent lamp and the electronics are accessible. The disposal of which is subject to the relevant legal rules and regulations. The output will then be switched off.

Select sensors or 3. Set DIL-switches according to application.

Strip the lead ends eventually, use protective lugs and wire according to connection diagram. Only significant from software version E Dither OFF electric motor powered actuator?

Please do not open the unit until the elr voltage is switched off! It will destroy the pressure pick up! Remote control Truth table for the remote control inputs EKR e.

Cover the sensors with the material to be guided! Cover the sensor with the manjal to be guided! If opposed positioning movement is desired interchange actuator polarity a at terminals 28 and Remove material from both sensors and clean the lenses!

Trouble shooting When an error is detected, the relay?

Advanced version with the highest ease of use: External keys will interlock the reverse function keys at the amplifier. The amplifier recognised hereby the connected components. The compact design of mankal BST eltromat controllers facilitates the direct attachment to or in your guiding device or machine. The output will be switched off by a software program. Preselect both sensors 3.


Electrical Manuals

Connect an AVO meter to the terminals 2 and 3? Tracking People with N The cleaning of the keyboard should be carry out with ekkr dry, clean and smooth cloth. The corresponding terminals stay free! Connect the air outlet at the BS unit by means of single air hose with the connection piece in the middle not varnished at the ZT 6.

All controllers have connections for various sensors ultrasonic, optical, line, and contrast sensors, and line cameras and actuators of hst levels of power with and without positional feedback. Motor was switched off. After the connected components are selected in the set-up menu, all relevant control parameters are largely automatically adjusted.

If the type of the web material requires reversion of the guiding direction, this happens automatically during the material-SET UP. Dither ON hydraulic actuator?

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