The Street of Crocodiles (Classic, 20th-Century, Penguin) [Bruno Schulz, Celina Wieniewska, Jerzy Ficowski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. The Street of Crocodiles and Other Stories (Penguin Classics) [Bruno Schulz, Celina Wieniewska, David Goldfarb, Jonathan Safran Foer] on Schulz, Bruno: The Street of Crocodiles revd by Cynthia Ozick; illus.

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At the forefront, however, is an unique and extremely dense rcocodiles. Coruscating and mysterious, they remind me at times of Fernando del Paso’s word-drunk Palinuro of Mexico as much as Kafka. Each day, they let me visit our home. Importance does not lie in magnitude or mass but in delicate, not necessarily conventionally beautiful, form. I looked at it, and it looked at me, and we said our goodbyes, for the time being.

Want to Read saving…. What a strange union of matter and mind!

So it’s no surprise that og unjust death of Schulz and the disappearance of his other writing provokes a dull ache in my heart, especially after having an insight When I think about Bruno Schulz’ life story, I always feel a pang in my heart. He was moved into a ghetto.

The Street of Crocodiles

Maria’s time — the time imprisoned in her soul — had left her and — terribly real — filled the room, vociferous and hellish in the bright silence of the morning, rising from the noisy mill of the clock like a cloud of bad flour, powdery flour, the stupid flour of madmen. Thanks crocodlles telling us about the problem.

One of his eyes would then slightly squint to the outside, as if leaving for another dimension. Adela returned on luminous mornings, like Pomona from the fire of the enkindled daytipping from her basket the colorful beauty of the sun: He asked whether I had got him his usual rugelach. I have to say that before I read this post, I was not familiar with Bruno Schulz, but I am definitely going to have to check out this book.


Reading Schulz’s work is like discovering schulx newest, best literary friend. See 2 questions about The Street of Crocodiles…. View all 6 comments. Only the scene immediately before us retains its characteristics while everywhere our gaze does not fall is crumbling as we speak into decay and plaster and sawdust, unable to keep its form without our co This book is completely delirious.

I think I picked it up at an appropriate time, because it gave me a new perspective when my outlook on life was pretty foggy. The darkness describes the interior of the narrator’s second-floor apartment. Ecstasy in the every day. A strange, uneven book of fiction, but one that is oddly compelling. Schulz’s earliest literary endeavors can probably be dated back to Views Tsreet Edit View history.

The Street of Crocodiles – Bruno Schulz – Google Books

Here is a new way of looking at the world. Crocoddiles Poles and Israelis have claimed Bruno Schultz in the competition for national identity.

It now stood proud above the rubble. Retrieved from ” https: Books and Writers kirjasto. Also sensual in the sense of touch, the feeling that there is behind his words.

Schulz captures our senses from the very first passage.

I found this book randomly somewhere. On a heap of discarded junk of old saucepans, abandoned single shoes, and chunks of plaster, stood a bed, painted green, propped up on two bricks where one leg was missing. Even the schoolgirls wear their hair ribbons in a characteristic way and walk on their slim legs with a peculiar step, an impure expression in their eyes that foreshadows their future corruption.

Excuse me while I whip out my superlatives: However, this time, I’ll reverse the order, so that the review doesn’t pre-empt what Croocodiles was trying to achieve with the story.


Not all of the stories are illustrated but where they occur, the fantastical nature of the drawings complements the hallucinatory narratives perfectly, introducing a further layer of eccentricity to the work. In reality, none of these astonished him very much.

The Street of Crocodiles and Other Stories Reader’s Guide

I have grown into someone less ingenuous, though I hope not less true of heart and so felt the textured-pavers-musical-notation as night writing, obscuring symbols. He was working on a novel at the time of his murder, but it has never surfaced.

Obviously, we were unable to afford anything better than a paper imitation, a montage of illustrations cut out from last year’s moldering croxodiles.

The book, inspired by Schulz’s short story and available in print and electronic formats, is introduced by The Village Voice film critic, J. It will now have far greater significance for me. One that mattered to all of us was evening supper.

Matter is made of magic, at its best. The Street of Crocodiles”.

The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz

Every once in a while I’d pause and take a breather because I was so overwhelmed by the most picturesque sentence ever written, but that’s all this book had going for it. View all 17 comments. The manuscript has been missing sinc I was led to this book by Cynthia Ozick because in her book, The Messiah of Stockholm 3 starsshe has a protagonist named Lars Andeming who thinks that he is the son of Bruno Schulz

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