Download and view manual or user guide BOSCH GOF ACE Tools online. Click here to go to download BOSCH GOF ACE Tools for free. – 30C Power and precision characterise the GOF-CE routers from Bosch. Together with the .. POF AE; POF ; POF ACE; POF ACE. -. 2 Here you can download and print out user manuals for Bosch power tools, not only for current tools but also for tools that are no longer available on the market.

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Depending on the application, router bits are available in the most different designs and qualities. This may significantly reduce the exposure level over the total working period.

Circle cutting guide and guide rail adapter

Screw the centring screw 41 into the thread on the router compass. Any power tool that cannot be controlled with the switch is dangerous and manial be repaired. Too much pressure can damage the edge of the workpiece.

Bei der Montage mit Schlauchanschluss vorn muss zuvor der Spanschutz 6 abgenommen werden. For deep cuts, it is recommended to carry out several cuts, each with little material removal.

Loose clothes, jewellery or long hair can be caught in moving parts. Water entering a power tool will increase the risk of electric shock.

The acd names of the individual machines may vary. Materials containing asbestos may only be worked by specialists.

Die Skala 19 dient dabei zur Orientierung.


Bosch POF 1300 ACE Manuals

The shank of the router bit must be immersed at least 20 mm into the collet. Let go of the acce lever 22 again to lock this cutting depth.

Achten Sie darauf, dass Sie den Schieber mit der Indexmarke 16 nicht mehr verstellen.

A moment of inattention while operating power tools may result in serious personal injury. Blunt mankal damaged router bits cause increased friction, can become jammed and lead to imbalance.

Contact with electric lines can lead to fire and electric shock. Penetrating a water line causes property damage or may cause glf electric shock. Constant Electronic Control Constant electronic control holds the speed constant at no-load and under load, and ensures uniform working performance.

The power tool is guided more secure with both hands.

BOSCH GOF ACE Tools download manual for free now – 30C06 |

The vacuum bpsch must be suitable for the material being worked. Fine adjustment of the length is possible with the fine-adjustment knob 33 after loosening both wing bolts By using the step buffer 10, the cutting process can be divided into several steps.

The scale 19 can be used for guidance. Only use clean router bits that are in perfect condition. The router bit can become damaged and lead to increased vibrations. Keep proper footing bsch balance at all times.

If required, turn the motor spindle by hand until it is locked. Use of the power tool for operations different from those intended could result in a hazardous situation. Abgebildete Komponenten Die Nummerierung der abgebildeten Komponenten bezieht sich bosc die Darstellung des Elektrowerkzeuges auf der Grafikseite. A workpiece clamped with clamping devices or in a vice is held more secure than by hand. Operation Starting Operation f Observe correct mamual voltage!


Routing bits that do not fit precisely in the tool holder of the machine rotate irregularly, vibrate heavily and can lead to loss of control. This enables better control of the power tool in unexpected situations. Original router bits from the extensive Bosch accessories program are available at your specialist shop.

Fasten the guide rail 43 to the workpiece with suitable clamping devices, e. Carbide tipped router bits HM are particularly suitable for hard and abrasive materials, e. Use of a cord suitable for outdoor use reduces the risk of electric shock. A wrench or a key left attached to a rotating part of the power tool may result in personal injury. Vibration total values triax vector sum determined according to EN Preselecting the Speed The required speed manuzl be preselected with the thumbwheel 3 also mabual running.

Parallel guide Parallel guides for Bosch routers | Bosch

Hold the auxiliary handle with your second hand. Guide the switched on power tool with uniform feed and lateral pressure on the parallel guide alongside the workpiece edge.

Use of dust collection aec reduce dust-related hazards. Protective equipment such as dust mask, non-skid safety shoes, hard hat, or hearing protection used for appropriate conditions will reduce personal injuries.

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