Buy Wholeness and the Implicate Order (Routledge Classics) 1 by David Bohm ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. ‘I find his concept of wholeness extraordinarily appeal- ing, as an explanation of the David. Bohm. Wholeness and the. Implicate Order. London and New York. Wholeness and the Implicate Order has ratings and 64 reviews. David Bohm was one of the foremost scientific thinkers and philosophers of our time.

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We should however judge this book as an entrance-way into the author’s mind. It can only be speculated that Bohm is thinking of a kind of ascension, of a new way of being, perhaps of a New Being? He uses the analogy of a live oak tree. Like an old friend giving you guidance of th you should proceed with your science to understand what you’re trying to understand impliczte the universe.

There is a special cosmic movement that carries forth the process of enfoldment and unfoldment into the explicate order. It means that we don’t have to be stunned when our theories crumble. A European Review 4 1: The author’s world view is where consciousness and physical reality would not be fragmented and the wholeness is real. He goes on to demonstrate that the fragmentary approach will be answered by fragmentary thought and perception which results in a reality that is fragmented and incomplete.

Bohm uses the example of Mandelbrot’s mathematically-derived fractals to illustrate more scientifically this cosmic generativity. Traditional philosophy of mind and neuroscience often assume that the explicate order is all there is to the physical world, while wholenes the same time seeking to locate consciousness to the physical world.

In recent years, Bohm attempted to explain an ontological basis for quantum ijplicate. Mar 22, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: David Bohm was one of the foremost scientific thinkers and distinguished theoretical physicists of his generation.

Rather, in the prevailing philosophy in the Orient, the immeasurable ordet which cannot be named, described, or understood through any form of reason is regarded as the primary reality.

This interpretation of existence and physical realty is identical to that of Vedanta philosophy of Hinduism. When we put all these regions together, we still obtain an image of the whole object, but one that is more sharply defined, as well as containing more points of view. Excellent theories, but the reading experience was hampered by unclear and highly academic descriptions, along with several chapters I simply don’t know enough physics to understand.


The idea Bohm lends from this is that all information about the image is implicitly contained in every point in space, in the superposition of light waves.

So it will be ultimately misleading and indeed wrong to suppose, for example, that each human being is an independent actuality who interacts with other human beings and with nature.

He touches on the illusion of time, free will, quantum mechanics, the particle-wave duality and more. But as is well know, there is a new instrument used for making images called the hologram which does not do this. nohm

David Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order – PhilPapers

imp,icate May 07, Landis rated it it was ok. David Bohm presents a rational and scientific theory which explains cosmology and the nature of reality; written clearly, and without the use of technical jargon, it is essential reading for those interested in physics, philosophy, psychology and the connection between consciousness and matter. It doesn’t merely enfold the universe, but you act according to the content as well.

Thus it is not ajd, from the Bohmian point of view, that the hard problem is so wholenesz for these subjects. For Bohm the Holy is a “being beyond what can be grasped in thought. Thus the principle of relative autonomy of sub-totalities–is now seen to extend to the multi-dimensional order of reality. Logically, if cosmic sub-totalities such as human beings can be considered to be persons of which only a few are developing toward higher levels of Personhoodthan through the feedback interchange, the cosmos is becoming progressively personalized as well.

It is instructive to consider that the word ‘health’ in English is based on an Anglo-Saxon word ‘hale’ meaning ‘whole'” that is, to be healthy is to be whole, which is, I think, roughly the equivalent of the Hebrew word ‘shalem. Oct 20, Rob rated it it was amazing Shelves: One could put it like this: Therefore you are internally related to the whole in the sense that you act according to the consciousness of the whole.

Wholeness and the Implicate Order

The basis of quantum theory can be summarized in three propositions: These moments may include a certain portion of space and time and it is the unfolding of these moments that we witness. Instead, the universe is better understood as a process. The implicate order provides an image of how this might take place in physics in various ways. The unifying topic of this book’s chapters, which vary widely in both content and style, is Bohm’s theory of the nature of reality as an undivided, interpenetrating whole – strongly reminiscent of the Hindu-Buddhist metaphor of Indra’s net.


Everything is implicitly everything. Bohm’s theory of the Implicate Order stresses that the cosmos is in a state of process. The Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle suggests that even if such a sub-quantum law operates at an individual level there is no way one can verify experimentally that these laws exist due to inherent indeterminacy of position and momentum of a particle.

Nature has allowed humanity the luxury to make mistakes, because humankind must have the “possibility of being creative.

Thus, in Sanskrit which has an origin common to the Indo-European language group there is a word ‘matra’ meaning ‘measure’ in the musical iplicate, which is evidently close to the Greet ‘metron. It enfolds information into the many levels of consciousness, into all of life. If ordwr look at the mathematics of the quantum theory, it describes a movement of just this nature, a movement of waves that unfold and enfold throughout the whole of space.

Referring to all the elements of the cosmos, including human beings, as projections of an ultimate totality, Bohm notes that as a “human being takes part in the process whoeness this wholenesss, he is fundamentally changed in the very activity in which his aim is to change that reality, which is the content of his consciousness. Newtonian physics is still used, even though relativity and quantum are much better in certain situations.

It is a Player who operates in a feedback universe. If they do not, the detailed content of the intention behind the display of the second view wiII have to alter, until a satisfactory internal image is obtained. I know theory more than the mathematics that underpin them.

An is this collective consciousness of mankind that is truly significant for Bohm. The holomovement or the law of the whole also called holonomy allows certain amount of relative autonomy in the forms seen merely as aspects of holomovement. Different readers unfold a different mind from the same pages. It flows out of the law of the Implicate Order, a law that stresses the relationships between the enfolded structures that interweave each other throughout cosmic space rather than between the “abstracted and separate forms that manifest to the senses.

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