Bacterial disease resistance in Arabidopsis through flagellin perception. Article ( PDF Available) in Nature () · May with. Bacterial disease resistance in Arabidopsis through flagellin perception. PUBLISHED: Apr CITE AS: Nature. Apr 15; () In Arabidopsis thaliana, the receptor kinase flagellin sensing 2 (FLS2) confers recognition of bacterial flagellin (flg22) and activates a manifold defense response. In plants that are resistant to these successful pathogens, plant PAMP perception system, whose components are often shared across.

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Email alerts New issue alert. Neither of the above. However, our study also shows that evolution at the receptor locus alone does not explain the evolution of flagellin perception; instead, components common to pathways downstream of PAMP perception likely contribute to the observed quantitative variation.

Bacterial disease resistance in Arabidopsis through flagellin perception.

The change of affinity of the Stor genotype, located in LRR17, therefore suggests further portions of the ectodomain are involved in flg22 binding, either directly or via alteration of the protein conformation. Finally, an example of adaptive changes in the strength of immune responses, causing genetic incompatibilities and compromising plant growth at low temperature, has been reported Alcazar resistancr al.

Therefore, low levels of amino acid polymorphism can be found resistwnce only a small set of genotypes is examined Dunning et al. Even though simulations have shown that compound arabidopsks, which combine the properties of summary statistics, are not easily confounded by demographic effects Zeng et al. Yet, recombination events were detected, and the breakpoints, that is, positions where neighboring SNPs show four gametic types, revealed a sequence fragment with a distinct frequency spectrum of polymorphism.

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In total, 71 SNPs modified the amino acid sequence table 1but a 5-fold higher average number of pairwise differences at synonymous versus nonsynonymous positions 0.

After 3 days, treated samples were supplied with the eliciting peptide for a final concentration of nM. F does not store recipient email addresses. Inhibition of seedling growth in either the presence of flg22 as a function of inhibition of seedling growth in the presence of elf Indeed, if a molecular novelty rises in frequency as a result of consistent selection on the phenotype it alters, we should observe a marked molecular difference between species and no remaining phenotypic variation within species.

Similarly, the polymorphism segregating at the ACD6 locus in A. The genotype Ws-0 is known to carry a non-functional FLS2 allele and was used as a negative control Zipfel et al.

We considered population structure parameters when correlating quantitative flgbinding and flginduced inhibition of seedling growth. The range of variation in levels of bzcterial binding detected within A. Consider the following examples, but note that this is not an exhaustive list:.

However, the importance of flagellin perception for disease resistance has, until now, not been demonstrated. Mean values of inhibition of atabidopsis growth per accession are labeled with the according accession name.

Pleiotropy modulates the efficacy of selection in Drosophila melanogaster. Here we show that treatment of plants with flg22, a peptide representing the elicitor-active epitope of flagellin, induces the expression of numerous defence-related genes and triggers resistance to pathogenic bacteria in wild-type plants, but not in plants carrying mutations in the flagellin receptor gene FLS2.

Yet, greater cis -regulatory activity may not always lead to greater protein abundance unless a gene is expressed at some constant equilibrium.

This compound test is robust to both demography and background arxbidopsis and thus has the greatest specificity to positive selection, while retaining good power Zeng et al. These findings are in agreement with the flgbinding levels reported in a previous study of nine A.


Bacterial disease resistance in Arabidopsis through flagellin perception.

When, instead, natural selection maintains variation, there is an excess of nucleotide polymorphisms at intermediate frequency, and interspecific sequence divergence is reduced Stahl et al.

Conversely, reconstitution of FLS2 in the natural loss-of-function genotype Ws-0 increased pefception Zipfel et al. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. We focused on three genotypes differing to a variable extent in their flg22 binding fig.

Much is known about the evolution of plant immunity components directed against specific pathogen strains: Examples of ‘Non-Financial Competing Interests’ Within the past 4 years, you have held joint grants, published or collaborated with any of the authors of the selected paper. Since differences in the perception of flgrelated peptides were reported Felix et al.

The toll-like receptor protein TLR5 mediates flagellin perception in mammals by detecting epitopes different from flg22 Ausubel Under such a scenario, nucleotide variation at the receptor should show signatures of constraints and display signs of purifying selection with low levels of amino acid variation. Abstract Much is known about the evolution of plant immunity components directed against specific pathogen strains: Latest Most Read Most Cited Influence of recombination and GC-biased gene conversion on the adaptive and non-adaptive substitution rate in mammals vs.

Institutional access Recommend FPrime to your librarian or information manager to request an extended free trial for all users at your institution. Pyrosequencing quantification of relative allelic expression was performed on cDNA samples.

We detected high variation in flg22 binding and FLS2 protein abundance within and between species, which correlated with flgelicited responses.

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