Both an official chronicle and the highly personal memoir of the emperor Babur ( –), The Baburnama presents a vivid and. The Babur-nama in English. (Memoirs of Babur). Translated from the original Turki Text. OF. ZahiruM-din Muhammad Babur Padshah Ghazi. BY. ANNETTE. An elegantly produced modern translation is that by Wheeler M. Thackston, The Baburnama: Memoirs of Babur, Prince and Emperor (Washington, D. C., etc.

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Fruit grows well there; its pomegranates are renowned for bsburnama excellence. He obviously came from one big family and hence saw a lot of babutnama rebel cousins which ruined his chances for a reign in Kabur or Samarkand.

When he rose, I escorted him out. Having conquered it, he writes of India: My affairs were going very well Another town is Khujand, miles by road to the west of Andijan and miles east of Samarkand.

Limited preview – After three or four days of rest in Dizak, we set out for Ura-Tyube. Plundered and ravaged, our own was returned to us. This carefully annotated and nicely illustrated edition makes the autobiography available in English in an attractive modem format. At bqburnama it seems to have been settled that one should take the highest place in the hunting.

Kara-kul also was taken from them by people of Abu’l-muhsin Mirza Bai-qaracoming up from Merv. The hill country of Isfara district has four subdivisions–one Isfara, one Vorukh, one Sokh and one Uchyar.

All cities, bwburnama locales are alike. My uncle Ulugh Khan also had come out for the meeting, some 12 to 15 miles along the road.

His 30th book, Blood of the Earth: It is not a mere succession of years, as the autobiography of Babur tends to be, but an inner dialogue of spiritual questioning and search. Kabir says, listen saints: Within the journal itself, there are many revealing points.


Their pillars also are all of stone. He packed quite a punch, however, and no one was ever hit by him who did not bite the dust.

I had always had the impression that he swept through territories in a mass of victories, but this could not be further from the truth. He identified his lineage as Timurid and Chaghatay-Turkic, while his origin was steeped in Persian culture. For as long as verse has been written in the Turki tongue, no one has written so much or so well as he.

Another article of Samarkand trade, exported everywhere, is red velvet. He was camped near Khwaja Didar and ‘All-abadbut when he saw the forts and people returning to me, babunama off towards Bukhara. If you ever wondered how feudalism actually works, this is the book for you. The contributions of India and the Muslim world including those of the Mughal Dynasty in India form a rich part of this common heritage of mankind. When Shaibaq Khan heard of the distress in the town, he came and dismounted near the Lovers’-cave.

Two earthquakes are mentioned. A most agreeable sojourning place, its one defect is the want of a large stream. I drink wine but I don’t eat pork.

In Nangarhar province he reports, I had constructed a charbagh garden called Bagh-I-Wafa on a rise to the south of the Adinapur fortress. By God’s grace, all the forts of Soghd and Miyan-kal returned to me within three or four months. He lovingly describes baburnamaa village of Istalif and its streams and trees and picnic spots.

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There thackton mother Khanim fell very ill; it was such a serious illness that her life was at risk. While in Dikhkat, I constantly made excursions amongst the mountains round about. Some relation of hers may have gone as was said with Timur Beg’s army to Hindustan; she recalled this and used to tell the tale. In the time of Sultan Ahmad Mirza the great and lesser begs laid out many gardens, large and small.


The Baburnama

His greatest work is the “Bijak” the “Seedling”an idea of the fundamental oneness of man, and the oneness of man and God. Indolence and luxury do not suit kingship. Timur Beg made it his capital; no ruler so great ever made it baburnqma capital before. People talk of a Khujand pomegranate as thaclston do of a Samarkand apple; just now however, Marghilan pomegranates are the ones in much demand.

Noting that “Babur’s Chaghatay is fluid, idiomatic and colloquial,” Thackston describes the different approach he has followed: Here there is nothing but the struggle to live; there, nothing but the tumult of the Judgment Day. Hoewel Thackston beweert dat het is “de eerste echte autobiografie in de islamitische literatuur”, de Baburnama bevat weinig persoonlijke reflectie.

Mar babhrnama, bridget trinkaus rated it liked it Recommended to bridget by: Born as a minor prince in what is now Uzbekistan, Babur is a scion of the Timurids, a dynasty established by Tamerlane, which had ruled over much of Central Asia since the 14th century. Baring his mother and grandmother, women played almost no role in his life. He is the author of numerous books and articles on the languages, literatures, and cultures of the Near East.

Whatever I say, nobody gets it. Shall we go back to Kabul and remain poverty-stricken? We were determined to gaincontrol ourselves – be it by force or peaceful means. When we were near Nundak, a servant of Khusrau Shah brought me a gift nine horses and nine pieces of cloth. Unfortunately, large chunks have gone missing, including the period of his conquests to India.

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